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I enjoy reading and giving my thoughts on the books that I have read. I read different genres. But I have come to absolutely LOVE Indie Authors, they have written some of my favorite books!!

My name is Brandy and I have come to be obsessed I guess you can say with reading. When I am not reading I am taking care of my 3 kiddos (2 boys and a baby girl) so for me it is always nice to sit and read when I need a little escape. I have come to love ALL genres for the most part I haven’t come across a book I didn’t enjoy at least some part of. I will read it all and I love a happy ending but when there isn’t one that is okay also I will just obsess a little over it until I move on to another book 🙂 I LOVE a good book that leaves you guessing what happened and having to wait for the next book comes out. (okay maybe not love it since it can drive me crazy) I enjoy my little escape from reality and have come across many books that I have come to love so very much!

Sadly, I am no longer accepting requests only because I have so many books I need to get through as it is. I would hate to say yes and not have a chance to get to your book. Life has been pretty hectic as well lately with kids’ school and sports. I do sign up from time to time to do cover reveals as well as promo posts. But even that Is something I’m cutting back on because it takes away from my family to sit and get posts ready. I try to post reviews after I finish a book, but some days that just isn’t possible and it can be a few days after. I love blogging it has become one of my favorite things to do. About something I care deeply about BOOKS. But I have started to slow down on things I sign up for as well as accepting requests.


I enjoy reading and have decided to leave the “star” rating from now on to Goodreads as well as Amazon. I will just post my thoughts, no longer putting the “rating” on here. So if by chance you would like to know what I would rate it then you are welcome to follow on Goodreads.

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