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Review ~ This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair


Title: This Is Who I Am

Author:  Cherise Sinclair

Series: Masters of the Shadowlands #7

Purchase: Amazon ~ Loose Id ~ All Romance


10 synopsis

When trying to save a woman from slavers, Sam screwed up. Royally. Now Linda wants nothing to do with him. Or with BDSM. She won’t even admit she’s a masochist. As a dominant and sadist, he can give her what she needs, and when an opportunity arises, he slips into her life, intending to make amends. She’s everything he knew she would beexcept for her bullheaded determination to be ‘normal’.

Now the horrible time is past, Linda just wants to return to her small conservative town, pick up her quiet life, and be normal. But how can someone who likes pain be ‘normal’? To her dismay, when someone spray-paints her home with obscenities, Sam shows up to rescue her. Again. Doesn’t he understand that the last thing she needs in her life is a sadist? He’s amused by her objections. But his dry sense of humor can’t disguise that he’s tough as nails and dominant and stubborn. He’s not going to let her drive him off this time. Soon she realizes she wants him to stay.

When he takes her to the Shadowlands, she feels as if she’s found a homeuntil she hears a voice from out of her nightmares.


Man, I have been waiting for this one it seems like forever! I could NOT wait for another Shadowlands book to release! When she posted the date for it I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get my little fingers on it and just lock out the entire world and read!

The dame came, I got it, I read it , I LOVED it!
I don’t know how else to say it other than if you want a great Dom series…Cherise is the one to go to! I have yet to NOT enjoy any of her Shadowlands books. I still need to get over to her Mountain Masters books. I just know that no one I mean NO ONE can write a Dom the way she can. All my friends in my book group on Facebook who have read the series have agreed with me. There are others out there who are close but she is still the top!

I honestly don’t even know what to say that could be a negative about this read. I loved it from start to end. I absolutely loved that this one I think is the longest one out of the series so far. They all got a little longer as you get further into the series. I can only hope that means that Sally’s story will be as long if not a little longer. 🙂 A girl can wish.

Okay on to my thoughts now:

I LOVED the relationship between Sam and Linda. I mean we all knew they were destined to be together ever since the scene at the auction.

There is so much that Linda is fighting to process and the poor girl is having a hard time getting over things. Which I mean who wouldn’t. I honestly could go on and on about how much I love the Dom’s in this series, but you have to read them to know exactly what I mean. And for those who have read them you will completely know what I mean.
I don’t want to give away too much because I hate when reviews post spoilers but the relationship between these two is amazing. Reading how their relationship grows is just touching. So many are afraid to read S/M stories but I have to say this is one I was looking forward to reading VERY much!

So many think that a Sadist is uncaring and unloving and that is why they refuse to read anything with it; but Cherise does a wonderful job showing the loving side to Sam. Maybe it is because he is a Dominant Sadist?! I don’t know but I do know that I would love to be on the receiving end of his pain. He is so gentle and rough at the same time. So loving and caring. It was surprising at some points because he was always so harsh in the past books. Always the Sadist. But here we get to see a different side to him.

It is funny because so many of the books I read have the HEA and we get to read all the torment that the characters go through throughout the process. Sam and Linda being older to be honest I wasn’t expecting it so much, I had automatically assumed that they had their “stuff” together when it came to that stuff, for the most part. It was fun seeing that they were no different from any other 20-30 year old confused and unsure when it comes to love and relationship stuff.

There were parts that had me all hot and bothered. I have to say that their scenes were pretty damn hot! I know for some him calling her “Missy” and “girl” might be a turnoff but for me it was far from that! It was cute, and endearing.

There are some parts that I was laughing so hard. Cherise ALWAYS has a way to throw in a GREAT funny “party” scene. In every book so far I catch myself wondering… Does this actually happen in real life? I would love to see this.

You have to absolutely be open-minded when reading these books. You cannot be turned off by BDSM and sex because these are filled with it. There is romance, sex (lots of it and all different ways), bdsm, human trafficking, abuse, and love in each and every one of them. (Okay the human trafficking aspect didn’t come in till about book 3 I believe).

If you are looking for something that is a GREAT read! This series would be it! For those who have read Fifty Shades and wants something MORE and something BETTER this is it! But if Fifty was too much for you to handle (sex wise) then you would not enjoy these!


Who I picture as Sam 🙂


~ favorite quote~

“Fight-or-flight revs up the nerves. So does pain. Means you felt more normal. So after I’d whipped you, you were loaded with endorphins and in subspace. Turned your head right off.”…

…”Do your eyes tear up when you peel an onion?”

“Huh?” “What the heck?” “Yes”

“That’s your nerves reacting to chemicals. If you tell yourself not to cry when peeling onions, does that work?”

“No.” she whispered. Nerves and chemicals. A person couldn’t control those…


Some Inspiration from Cherise Sinclair for The Masters of The Shadowlands

So she doesn’t usually post pictures for the most part of the men she pictures as the Masters. But she has recently posted a few pictures of some of the Masters at Shadowlands (well who she believes they resemble)… and of course I was EXCITED!!! So here is what she has posted thus far (if she posts more I will add them)… oh how I LOVE inspiration photos from authors! This just makes reading the books so much more fun! 🙂 Here is a list of all the Masters from the books… the last four are the ones she posted pictures for.

Master Z

Master Cullen

Master Dan

Master Sam –> Sam Elliott (oh man that voice!!)

Master Nolan –> Manu Bennett

Master Marcus –> Lucas Bryant

Master Simon –> George Clooney

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Teaser for Sam’s book (Shadowlands Series) by Cherise Sinclair

I am so exited for this one and can not wait to find out when she gets a release date. She posted today a teaser. And since Sam Elliott is her inspiration for Sam his voice is what I hear when I read anything he says! 🙂

Title: This Is Who I Am

Set to release May 28th


The club had been closed for the two weeks Z and Jessica were gone, and now everyone was in a celebratory mood.

The music was an upbeat Lacuna Coil, making the scenes lighter than normal. The Mistress caning her blonde sub danced a few steps between each strike. Over at a suspension scene, the Dom had set the submissive to swinging in time with the music.

Sam watched as Linda took it in, picking up the atmosphere immediately. She bounced a little herself. To his satisfaction, when she spotted him, she headed over immediately.

When he caught her lavender-and-lime scent, he hardened. As he roused to the darker side of the Shadowlands, the beast inside him rose at the approach of its prey. A sadist’s toy.

Her pupils dilated at the look he gave her. Under her silky black top, her nipples contracted into hard spikes.

Good. Someone wanted to play. Curving his fingers around her nape, he cupped her breast with his other hand. When his thumb circled a nipple, he saw the tension mount inside her. Damn, but he’d missed her. “I’d order you a drink, but I’d rather hurt you first.”

She looked shocked. Then red streaked her cheeks.

He kissed her lightly and whispered against her mouth, “See you cry.”

Her lips quivered under his.

“Hear you scream.”

“Oh, heavens.” Her voice was as husky as if she’d already gifted him with a few screams.

He fisted her hair, keeping her in place, then tightened his fingers on one nipple, firmly enough to hear her suck in air. As he watched, he could see how the pain slid into her like a caress.


“I won’t scar you. I won’t go past what you can take. If you can trust me that far, this will be much easier for you.”  He met her eyes straight on, letting her read his body, hear the truth, and see it in his face. “But, Linda, I’m going to hurt you. You’ll hate me when I make you take it, and you’ll hate even more that you need it. That it fills that hole inside you and cleans away the clutter.”

The shudder ran through her, telling him she’d heard him on all levels. Her muscles were still tight, her eyes blazing, yet he could almost smell the subtle perfume of submission.

She yielded. Now he gave her what she wanted and finish that surrender.


“You should talk to me.” She crossed her arms over her gorgeous breasts. “We need to discuss this.”

“Don’t think so.” As he forced his muscles to relax, he smiled slowly. Seems he had a bossy masochist trapped in his bathroom. Looked like a fine way to improve his mood. “I figure you owe me for starting my day off so badly.”

“I owe *you*?”

He set her hand on his shoulder. Watching her closely, he bent far enough to slide his fingers down her inner thigh, finding a small welt from the night before. He pressed lightly, enough to hurt. More than that—enough to bring back her memories of how it had happened.

Her pupils dilated, her fingers on his bare shoulder curved, pulling him closer, as if needing more contact with his skin.

That he could do. He gathered her in, shoving her towel down in the process, so her breasts rubbed against his chest. Her nipples jutted out, two points of extra pressure. “I haven’t had my shower yet,” he murmured in her ear. If he turned the water to ice cold and held her under it, would she scream? “You can help me.”

“Aren’t you just a generous guy?” Pink washed into her face as he pressed his erection against her soft lower pelvis.


Master Sam and Linda in the Shadowlands

He glanced down at his redhead. Might as well give her a few choices in the game—or let her think she was getting some. After setting his bag on a chair, Sam started unzipping the inside dividers. Open the one for the toys. Clamps, yes. Gags or blindfold? No. Why deprive himself of hearing her screams, of seeing tears in her eyes? That section stayed closed.

After setting a rectangular tray table beside the chair, he told Linda, “Set out what’s in the bag.” He touched the left end. “Starting here, go from anything you want me to use to your least favorites. If something is a hard limit, leave it in the bag.”

A sweet crease of worry appeared between her red-brown brows. “And you’ll start at the good end and work your way through to the bad?”

“Nope.” He stepped close enough that her breasts grazed his chest, and she had to tilt her head back to look up at him. “Just lets me know what will bother you and what won’t. I choose what. And when.”

“But —”

He smiled into her vulnerable eyes. “Trust me to know how much you can take, missy. And to push you to that point.”

Even as the hint of fear appeared in her eyes, her nipples contracted to hard points.

As the beast inside him stirred and raised its head, he stepped back. “Go to work.”

While he worked on attaching chains to the proper bolts, he watched her pick and choose.

She put a heavy cane midway, a lighter one closer to the good side. The heavy flogger was good; the one with knotted ends went to the bad side. His favorite short snake whip was considered. Put close to the bad end. Moved to the other side. Moved again. Was there anything more appetizing than a submissive’s uncertainty? He’d definitely give her a taste of that whip, no matter where it ended up on the table.


Sam let the hot water massage the tightness out of his shoulders and neck and counted minutes in his head.

He’d just made it to three minutes when the shower door was flung open.

Mama Bear had left the cave. He tried to turn his head before she caught his smile, but didn’t succeed.

Hands on hips, Linda glared at him. “What did you say to my children?” Even as furious as she was, her voice was still controlled. No shrieking, no hysterics. She was one fine woman. Then she slapped his shoulder. “You tell me. Now!”

He gave her a quick survey. She’d dressed for the farm in a V-neck T-shirt and jeans, and left her shoes at the front door as he liked. Good enough. “As the sadist in this relationship, I do the slapping.” He grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her into the shower. She was soaked in seconds.

Nice scream. Set all the hair on his body tingling. “You aren’t allowed to hit me.” He ripped the T-shirt at the neck and yanked it downward, pinning her arms against her sides.

“You—you—you bastard!”

“If you figure to worry until they show, think again.” As she struggled, he unzipped her jeans and shoved them and her underwear down to hobble her ankles.

“Dammit, let me go.”

“Nope.” He dug his fingers into the last remaining welts on her ass, pulling her against him. With an unbreakable grip on her nape, he held her for his kiss, taking and taking until she went limp against him. Until she kissed him back.


His eyes narrowed, and then he gripped her hair, holding her head back as he took her lips. Not cruelly, not likethem. A shiver of memories ran through her, then a pinch on her thigh snapped through them.

“Stay with me, girl.” His growling voice was like sandpaper, scraping away defenses, digging down to where her nerves were alive. “Say my name.”

The hard light in his gaze set up a trembling in her belly that had nothing to do with fear. “Sam.”“Again.” His arm tightened as his other hand closed on her breast. Cupping, then kneading, tugging on the nipple. His gaze was on her face as he pinched.When it hit pain, sensation streamed like a wave of light and heat straight to her core. “Sam!”His lips curved in a hard smile. “Good. We’re on the same page.” His hand moved to her other breast, no longer gentle, but demanding. Yetcareful. Never with the careless brutality that—“Ow!” Her hip stung where he’d given it a mean pinch.“When I want you to think, I’ll tell you.”


“Asshole, she’s shocky.” A voice from Linda’s dreams grated across her nerves, snapping her into the present. The bench squeaked a complaint as someone sat beside her. Arms closed around her, trapping her.

No! She shoved at his hands, panic rising like a floodtide.

“Don’t move, girl. You need to be held. Slap me later.” The rough growl of Sam’s voice was like the rumble of an eighteen-wheeler, carrying a truckload of safety.

He was warm—so, so warm. She sagged against him. I hate you.

“That-a-girl. Take a break for a second. You earned it.”

His chest was a brick wall; his arms iron bands, not comfortable in the least. Her body didn’t care, more secure than in the long, long months since she’d been freed from the slavers. With Sam’s arms around her, nothing would hurt her.

Except him.

Ever since he was brought in to the series there was always something about him. And when I had found out that she was giving him his own book I was SOO excited I can not wait to learn more about this Sadist!!

Q & A with Cherise Sinclair (from goodreads)

I came across an online archived Q&A that was done with Cherise Sinclair on goodreads.

And thought I would just copy and paste the questions and answers because there were some pretty good ones. 🙂

So for those of us who missed it or didn’t know about it here ya go…



What prompted you and gave you the courage to openly write about a subject that many people only speak of behind closed doors?

There’s two parts to this answer. First, I’d read some BDSM books before that—and had the same reaction, actually. “People actually write about this?” And a while after that, I became ill and was feeling ugly and unfeminine, so Club Shadowlands was actually written as my own fun way to feel better. I was pretty shocked (appalled!) when the publisher sent me a contract.


Did you find it hard to find a publisher that didn’t want you to go back and make your books milder?

My publisher is known for liking to push the edge in erotic romance, so, through sheer good luck, I picked a pub that’s never said, ‘pull back’.


Do you ever find yourself at a loss as how to keep scenes fresh and non-repetitive from book to book?

I think that’s a common author problem, especially after a few books. I not only have to look for fresh ‘kink’—and okay, I rather enjoy that part —but I know that I repeat some of my favorite phrases sometimes, despite trying to watch out for just that.


Do you have anything special you do to get inside your characters heads?

When I’m ‘in the zone’, I usually just kick back, turn on the right music, close my eyes, and type out what I see and feel. (Thank God for being a touch typist, right?) Blotting out the world seems to make a difference, and not seeing what I’m writing keeps me from falling out of the moment to fix typos and grammar errors.
Are you planning a story for Sally? If so, please tell me there will be 2 heroes.

Yep, poor Sally will finally get her book after I finish Master Sam’s story. And, the two Feds seem to think they could keep her busy, but I’m not making them any promises. I’ve discovered that a story doesn’t always go the way I’ve planned when I actually get into it. (For example, Sam was *supposed* to have had a happy ending in Make Me, Sir. Grrr. Idiot sadist)


Do you have plans to do a Ménage series of books with a BDSM theme? Also will there be anymore “Mountain” books?

I don’t have any plans for a ménage series, other than the Wild Hunt paranormals which are all ménage. Then again, none of my series were planned. 😉
At the moment, Sally might end up with two Feds…so we’ll see how that goes. Proper BDSM relationships are difficult to present, mostly because they tend to be one Dom over two submissives, and most of us have the fantasy of one submissive with two Doms. And with two Doms, it’s a lot trickier to establish how the power exchange works.


Do you have any special music playing while you write?

If I want to get down deep, yes, I’ll put on music. I listen to Josh Groban for a lot of the romantic scenes—partly because I adore his voice, and partly because many of his songs are in another language, so I don’t get caught by the words. For scenes in a club, I’ll often play Gregorian chants.

Do you do any special research for your character’s history?

All too often, and it’s easy to get seduced into spending hours playing researcher. Since I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and job-hopped here and there, I started with a broad background, but for occupations like an FBI victim specialist? Research, most definitely.


Do you see an end in sight for the Shadowlands series?

The only two books I know I’m writing are for Master Sam and Sally, mostly to finish up the slave trafficking storyline.
But almost all my series continue simply because someone interesting appears in a book and I get intrigued and just have to write them a story. For example, I’d figured the Shadowlands would stop with Lean on Me…but, hey, Master Marcus and his Southern accent and fancy suits showed up, and I just *had* to see what kind of a person could rile up someone so smooth, right? So, I don’t have any *set* endpoint for the Shadowlands.


Based on Mountain Masters series, the only I have read, does a sub have to have a deep seated feeling of rejection or emotional trauma? I noticed the Doms had trauma too, but the ladies had a common theme of feeling unwanted for some reason.

In real life, the answer is absolutely not. And I think the Shadowlands has more of a variety, from Jessica and Kari who suffer only the normal female dissatisfaction with their bodies (which is a whole ‘nother rant of mine) to serious trauma like Kim and Beth. But, there’s also something about BDSM, that absolute trust in another person, that allows a person to lower her barriers and share past hurts. And face it, you just don’t make it to adulthood without acquiring some emotional pain. Even the most ‘normal’ of us.
And have you ever watched the differences between a man and woman when they look in a mirror? The guy will puff out his chest and nod approval. The woman will lean forward and examine her face for wrinkles or frown at how fat her hips look. It’s just not fair how our society is designed to make a female insecure about her appearance—and how that insecurity strikes so deeply into how she sees herself as a person. Yep, it’s one of my hot buttons. Sorry.


What made you start writing? and writing BDSM books in particular?

I think I’m one of those stereotypical writers who have been telling stories forever. I remember the first thrill of power when a bunch of my cousins and I were bedded down for a family reunion, and as the oldest (all of maybe nine years old), I told a made-up story to quiet them down. And managed to get them all scared spitless with my tale. Heady stuff for a kid.
For BDSM? I simply love it—I love the trust issues, the insistence on honesty, and being able to glory in the dance of dominance and submission. To me, it just adds to a romance on all levels.


Do you have pictures in your mind of what the Doms look like before you start writing or do they evolve as the story moves along?

Hey, I managed to scar some of them up, right? Sometimes I’ll start with a picture of a Dom—like Master Cullen seemed like Boromir from Lord of the Rings—specifically, when he was wrestling with Merry and Pippin and laughing his head off. But somewhere after the first three chapters, the Dom usually grabs control and changes everything to suit himself, and by the time he’s finished, the image I started with no longer fits.


In your research have you found that most subs fit this profile?

Totally. Oh, you’ll see gorgeous women in the clubs or in the lifestyle, sure, but there are many more ‘normal’ women. Let’s see—on one visit, there was a woman in her thirties, probably what she’d call 20 pounds overweight, getting flogged, a short-haired, short stocky woman whose Dom was into whips (she was a masochist), a really pretty younger twenties woman getting caned, a much larger older—maybe 40’s—blonde of the big, beautiful women type on the bondage table with a blindfold. Seriously, that’s who was there. (And it was a M/f night so there were only male/female couples)


What inspired you to start writing about shifters, and do you have an idea of how many books you intend to write in that series? I’ve always adored Celtic legends and spent far too many hours in a garden watching for pixies, always accompanied by a cat. Writing stories about them just seemed normal.

I have to admit that I have no idea of the number of books. As long as there’s someone who intrigues me, there’ll probably be another book. And readers have told me that it’s the werebears’ turn, so the next will probably be either Ben or Daniel.


When you are telling your characters story, do you always recognize your subs (the characters in your head) always as subs or does their sexual nature reveal itself later as the story unfolds?

Interesting question. I always know about the main characters, but the secondary ones? Not so much. Like with my upcoming book, I had a nice sadist all planned out, someone to help out Master Xavier, but then Xavier needed a male submissive punished, and excuse me, but I had no clue that the sadist, deVries, was bisexual. I really hate when I end up blinking at my keyboard, saying huh? and looking stupid. I’m *supposed* to be the author.


Has the community at large responded to your writing? I’m sure all authors get their share of “hate” mail but do you get mail from people judging you or criticizing your morals because of what you write?

Honestly, I haven’t had even one complaint. Now, my dearheart ‘outed’ me in our small town this year, so that may change when it gets up front and personal. But no one has ever emailed me and said, ‘bad Cherise’.

In book 1 of the Shadowlands series, Master Z has the ability to read emotions in people, making him an ideal Dom. With his ability, I was expecting the book to take on a paranormal bent, but it never did. Did you ever consider giving all the masters a paranormal ability? Or making the series paranormal?

Actually, I had no intention of having anything paranormal in the book at all, but I wanted the club to be an extremely safe environment for everyone, so that was the route I took. And, alas, even with that extra edge, Master Z still can’t keep the place totally safe.
So, my children, remember that. Clubs are totally fun and 90% of the lifestylers are wonderful people…but that leaves you with the 10% (in any population) that aren’t. Be careful, yes?


Which POV do you prefer to write in?

Oh, I love writing in both. I really do. It takes a little settling in to switch, and maybe I can more readily put myself into the submissive’s POV or the woman’s, but I’ve always hung out with guys and it’s just fun to switch to their really odd take on things. (Sometimes you have to wonder if they’re not truly aliens )

What is your inspiration for your books?

Oh, everything. But honestly, a lot of times it just starts from one character and me trying to figure out what will cause the most upheaval (only, I’m not *really* sadistic, promise), and it goes on from there. Or an image of a beginning scene—like in Breaking Free, I had this basic image of a submissive in restraints and facing an incredibly cruel-looking Dom. Only, why was she so scared? And why didn’t she just yell her safeword and walk away?


What made you go in the paranormal direction?

Actually, Hour of the Lion was written before Club Shadowlands. It was making the rounds of NY publishers who eventually decided that they weren’t comfortable with a paranormal that blatantly said it was a ménage. So erotic romance was where I veered off my chosen path—all because of one summer of being sick. Fate’s rather odd, isn’t it?


Do you begin your books knowing exactly where your characters are going to go, or do you start knowing only basic plot points that you want to work in and let the characters develop the story as you write?

I’m a hard-core plotter, although I’ve mellowed some over the past books. But yes, I have to know where they’re going and all the major things, although I can now relax and plan out a scene the day before. And it’s actually a back-and-forth type of progress. I plot it all out pretty, then write 3 chapters and discover there’s not enough conflict or the heroine is a whiny meh-person, so back to plotting and another restart.
About halfway through, the characters start tossing in objections. “Excuse me, but I’m not the type of Dom to do that. Think again.” At that point, I have to loosen up a bit (and, that’s really hard for a control freak, right?). Unfortunately, if you give up some control, then you get characters like Master Sam who totally mess up their plot line. (Yes, I’m still holding a grudge for that).


For those of us who have read all your books, do you have any suggestions for other authors/titles while we anxiously await the next installment?

Let’s see—honestly there’s so many that I like. Shayla Black’s Wicked Ties, Joey Hill’s Knights of the Boardroom and Ice Queen, Sophie Oak and Lexi Blake, Kallypso Masters, Bianca Sommerland’s Cobras, Angel Payne, Tymber Dalton’s tearjerker: The Reluctant Dom. Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin’s books. How’s that to get you started?


I would like to know if you randomly give the names to the characters or you take time to associate a character with a specific name. Do you keep changing a name until it sounds right for a character?

No, I pick names depending on the sound and the character’s background and anscestry, and also (this is a writerly thing—so the first letters are hopefully different than other names in that book and nothing is too similar) and yep, sometimes names get changed a few times. You probably won’t have me writing about a Dom named Percivel.


Do you find it hard to ensure a punishment scene comes off as consensual?

This is a tough genre to write in, I think it’s safe to say you are going to ruffle feathers no matter what you do. There was a scene in Club Shadowlands where Jessica was spanked by Master Z and it was right on the borderline of consensual. She’d signed the form and agreed to be punished for certain infractions, but hadn’t read what she signed and didn’t actually consent to the punishment.


Do you find some readers have trouble with a scene like that(I didn’t, I loved it), and do you find that you write scenes thinking what the readers will find acceptable ,or do you just right what you want and not worry about what the reader thinks?

Okay, hmmm. Club Shadowlands was…ah…pretty much my personal fantasy and I hadn’t expected to publish it. After I did and realized that OMG! people were reading it and, worse, using it as a kind of guideline, I started being much more careful to keep things closer to the rules adhered to in clubs and play parties and actual life. So, if that scene had happened in real life? Jessica would have been shown the door. End of book.
And yes, that did edge over the line and I wouldn’t write it today. Who knew an I-feel-ugly-and-unfeminine story would start off a series? Yes, some readers have trouble with that scene. Most realize that this is fiction and just go with it. I’ve had a few who are upset. When I write, I go with what the Dom wants (not always my choice!), and then sometimes change it a bit, depending on what my beta readers say. I try to make sure that my beta readers include a person who’s on the squeamish side and another who edges into being a masochist. And I won’t always change a scene for the squeamish one, but I might explain what’s happening more fully. Or, as in my upcoming book where there’s a pony board scene, I cut the time back for her. 😉 But (apart from the first book ), I do always try to adhere to the safe, sane, and consensual.


I noticed when I signed up at your web page that a Northern California address was listed. I was wondering are you currently living in N. California, and is that one of the reasons that Doms of Dark Haven takes place in San Francisco? or do you just find the liberal lifestyle acceptance of San Francisco makes the stories more real? That asked, why does Shadowlanads take place in Florida… was it just so stories would not become geographically boring?

Actually, I currently live in N. Calif and pop over to SF for some of the fun events, conventions, or to visit the Citadel. I’d dragged Belinda McBride there and that’s how we ended up doing the Dark Haven anthology.
And I lived in Tampa for quite a few years–so, *hanging head in shame* I tend to set books where I’ve lived because I already know the ‘feel’ of the place. Thus, Seattle for the Dom’s Dungeon. Yosemite because I backpacked through it a few times. Lazy, am I. 🙂


Has anyone every compared your BDSM books to the Fifty Shades trilogy? I’ve not heard the comparison but I’m wonder How would you feel about it if they did?

Comparisons are inevitable, but I’ve been lucky and usually see the ones that say they prefer my books. Someone made a poster saying “Christian Gray visited the Shadowlands and the real Doms laughed him out of the club.” LOL
But really, there’s others who prefer the 50 Shades, who liked the 3 books for one couple and the intensity of the relationship. The lovely thing about readers and writers–and lifestylers for that matter–is that we’re all so different and it’s okay. There’s something, a book or a kink, out there for everyone.


I notice you write mostly women subs. Have you considered doing a story with a male sub and female Dom. i.e Olivia?

I have considered it, and/or a M/m story but most of my readers are into the M/f dynamic, so–so far–I’ve tried to keep them (y’all) happy. I might try branching out into bigger subplots for them though.
And…sigh. I also said I’d never write a book about a sadist. And look what I’m working on now. 😉


Would you consider having a character be a switch I can imagine..that would be pretty bipolar to write:) 

That actually might be fun to write, especially in a menage setting. So yes to that. 🙂


What do readers who practice the lifestyle think about your stories? Have you received a lot of feedback from them?

I’ve had lots of feedback from people in the lifestyle, mostly subs, but Doms write now and then. Some tell me that they steal ideas for scenes from the books. LOL What they tend to love is that the story–and scenes–are about the emotions, not a bloody whipping. But, I have some readers in the scene who want more hardcore stuff.
I’ve picked up a few ‘resource’ people from readers–ones who help out when I’m writing about a kink I’m not personally into.


When are we getting a new Shadowlands book?

I’m working on Master Sam’s book now, so I figure wintertime. But I don’t contract until I have a decent story, so I don’t have real release dates until late in the game.


Cherise, could you pick your favorite book (from the ones you wrote) and your own favorite character?

That’s so hard–I enjoy them so much when I’m writing them. I guess Breaking Free is one of my own favorites and then…I adore Master Simon. And Z. Older, so very secure men, you know?


Is it a topic that’s difficult for you to write about? And if so, is it simply putting yourself into that mindset to write that kind of Dom? Or, more generally, do you find it difficult to get inside the head of a character whose proclivities don’t really match your own?

I like a bite of pain, but it’s harder for me to understand those at the farther end of S & M. And I know that my readers tend to prefer the lighter BDSM, with more D/s (which also floats my boat. LOL) But it’s mostly a matter of jumping into that mindset and not making judgments.
Do you write on any kind of set schedule such as X # of hours a day or Y # or words per day?

This has been a bad month for me for writing, but normally, yes, I write for a few hours every morning and afternoon and try to do internet socializing before breakfast or after supper. Oddly enough, I get cranky if I don’t get to write enough. (my poor DH)


Were you nervous your first time going to a club? What type of advice would you give to first time attendee?

Of course. But people are very friendly, but I wouldn’t recommend a swinger-type club, okay? Real BDSM with no alcohol on the premises is better. And, honestly, meeting a group at a munch is probably better than that. But if you’re going to walk in cold to a club, give the owners/managers a heads-up that you’re new and most of them will take you under their wings or hand you off to someone who’ll give you a tour and help you out. You can join Fetlife (make up a name–don’t give out personal information) and do a little checking on what’s going on in your area–and then ask some of the submissives in the area if the club is a safe one. Be careful. Go with a friend. Read the rules first. Don’t leave with anyone…be safe, okay?


Okay, I’m going back to the Shifters. Have you thought of writing about any other paranormals, or are you sticking with the “animals”? or is this another one of those “If the mood strikes” subjects?

Aside from doing more for the Wild Hunt series, I probably won’t start any new paranormal series for a long time. I can’t keep up with the various series that I’ve got now, and people get grumpy when I take too long. Grumpy readers are scary! 😉


To Command and Collar is set away from Shadowland, do you foresee writing anymore books that steer away from the club, or was that story-specific?

But-but-but, I put a couple of scenes in there… I actually can’t say whether more stories will end up being mostly outside of the club or not. I didn’t actually plan that, but it just happened. Sam’s book–a good part will be elsewhere, but I have a feeling that lots of Sally’s will be in the club. I still have a ‘watcher’ from the slavers to catch.


Reluctant Dom another one of my favorite books that we pimped a lot here in the group. Did it make you cry? or As I have read in other group make you mad? Some in the lifestyle didn’t seem to care for it.

I cried. And cried. LOL I’ve seen where people complained about the aspects of how the BDSM was used as an emotional crutch in a way. And no, it didn’t bother me, because I’ve seen that. People find their crutches and cures in a variety of ways. I don’t think BDSM is a substitute for a good psychologist, but it’s certainly used–especially by a good Dom–as a way to help. And Tymber made it pretty clear that the heroine had been through the psych route. I’ve known ‘cutters’ and masochists so the route that the heroine took didn’t shock me or seem all that ‘wrong’.


How long did it take you to get your first book published? And is there anything about it you would do differently now if you had the chance to?

Actually–I was published traditionally in another genre, but alas, historicals took a nosedive, so I turned to paranormal and then somehow ended up diving into erotic romance. And I think I had a contract really fast after I sent in Club Shadowlands–didn’t give me a chance to rethink and back out. Publication was maybe 3 or 4 months after that.
Well, I’d sure change a few things about that first spanking scene. LOL And the book would probably be a lot longer. Have you noticed how each book gets longer. But Club Shadowlands is just not long enough to really explore the relationship between Z and Jessica.


What did your husband think of you writing books in this genre? Does he ever try to give you “suggestions” either for a story line or a character?

Boy, that first night when I got the contract…”Uh, honey, I might be in trouble. See…I wrote this book…” But after he got over his shock, he’s been totally supportive all the way and his only complaint has been that I wouldn’t let him breathe a word about it until the munchkins were safe in college.
He helps with brainstorming ideas now and then–and in research (“I want to see what this feels like…let’s try this…”) but otherwise let’s me just have fun on my own.


There are other characters mentioned in passing in the Shadowland books. Will any of them get their own book?

There’s a couple of newer Doms that I’m eyeing as possibles…but it’s mostly a matter of if they come to the forefront during Master Sam’s or Sally’s books.





The Masters of the Shadowlands

Mountain Masters

The Wild Hunt Legacy

The Wild Hunt Legacy Series by Cherise Sinclair

I have not had a chance to get to these just yet but I will. They are paranormal and menage they are not BDSM so I am interested to see her writing with no Dom/Sub in them I absolutely love her BDSM books so this will be fun and different!! I cant wait!

1) Hour of the Lion

2) Winter of the Wolf

3) Untitled (TBA)

You can follow her here on her:

Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Goodreads

Mountain Masters Series by Cherise Sinclair

Here is another series that she has done and it is BDSM Contemporary Romance. Oh how I love her Doms! She always does such a good job with her books and I can’t wait to finish these up soon! Here is the reading order….

1) Master of the Mountain

1.5) Doms of Dark Haven

2) Master of the Abyss

2.5) Doms of Dark Haven 2

3) My Liege of Dark Haven

4) Untitled (TBA)

You can follow her here on her:

Facebook  ~  Goodreads  ~  Twitter  ~  Website

My Thoughts On:

Master of the Mountain

Review – Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair


When Rebecca’s boyfriend talks her into vacationing at a mountain lodge with his swing club, she quickly learns she’s not cut out for playing musical beds. Now she has nowhere to sleep. Logan, the lodge owner, finds her freezing on the porch. After hauling her inside, he warms her in his own bed, and there the experienced Dom discovers that Rebecca might not be a swinger…but she is definitely a submissive.

Rebecca knows that no one can love her plump, scarred body. To her shock, lodge owner Logan not only disagrees, but ties her up and shows her just how much he enjoys her curves. Under his skilled hands, Rebecca not only loses her inhibitions, but also her heart.

Damaged from the war, Logan considers himself too dangerous to be around the enticing little sub. He sends her away for her own safety, not realizing she believes she has once again been rejected because of her size. As Logan’s mountains echo with her voice long after she’s gone, he realizes she’s taken his heart with her. But when he arrives in the city to reclaim her, Rebecca’s phone has been disconnected and her apartment is empty…



Well Mrs. Cherise Sinclair has yet to disappoint! I LOVED this one and more so because the girl is “healthier” then most in her other books. I love that Logan loves himself a ‘pillow’ to lay his head on not a ‘rock’ he is just so perfect as pretty much all her Dom’s are. The relationship is so full of issues of hurt and scars and even if they don’t mean to the both kind of help each other through most of it. I always enjoy a great Dom/Sub book and this is a nice good fill for that! Then the swingers aspect that was thrown in there had me laughing because well there is nothing better than going to a swingers weekend and then finding the Dom of your dreams and also learning that you are submissive.

I love your body, every single curve, every dimple, every scar

What woman wouldn’t be happy with a man who loves everything about her body no matter what she looked like even if she wasn’t happy with how she looked.. I know I have said it before but Cherise Sinclair comes up with some of the best freaking Dom’s there are!! And ohh how I always look forward to reading anything by her!




So I am currently reading book one of Master of the Mountain Series by Cherise Sinclair and ohhh how I LOVE her writing!! She makes the PERFECT Dom’s!! 🙂

Once I finish up I will be starting Tina Reber’s new release.. I am so excited for this one it was the first series that I read that was about a famous person and I fell in love! I can NOT wait to see where the story goes from where the first leaves off.

Then back to my BDSM books.. 🙂 I have been waiting for this one by Kallypso Masters I have a feeling I am going to be needing some tissues for Damian and Savi’s Story. But I am SO looking forward to it!

And of course to  end my GREAT line up of books that have been recently released I will save what I KNOW will be full of laughs

I am going to be BUSY with reading as always I wish I had more hours in a day and nothing to do other then sit and read BUT I have a family that I have to tend to from time to time. haha I am so excited! I LOVE a new release!!! soooo here I go…..

Review – The Dom’s Dungeon by Cherise Sinclair


Foster child. Teenage whore. Now a veterinarian, MacKensie’s turned her life around, but the scars remain. She saves her affection for the animals who never judge or scorn her, but it’s time to get out, move on from her past in Iowa. So, she arranges a vacation exchange to job hunt in Seattle.

Although the house is lovely, one room is locked. Her years in foster care have given her two ‘gifts’: a neurosis about locked doors and the ability to open them. After she gets into the room, she’s appalled…and intrigued. Chains and manacles, whips and paddles, odd benches with straps…

When Alex returns home days early and finds MacKensie draped over the spanking bench in his locked dungeon, he’s furious. But her wariness arouses his protective nature and curiosity, so he strikes a deal to keep her close–she’ll act as his submissive in exchange for a place to stay and help finding a job.

He’d planned to use the veterinarian to deter an ex-girlfriend, not replace her, but with MacKensie’s compelling mixture of strength and vulnerability, the little sub slides right into his well-defended heart.


I finally got around to reading this one and as a stand alone book I did enjoy this one but I do LOVE when she does a series. This one was different because for the girl she associated spanking with someone who loves you because growing up in foster care only the kids who were loved got spanked. I didn’t understand that at first but Alex was absolutely amazing with her. He is just a great Dom!

“I wouldn’t do this if i didn’t care, but you mean everything to me, and if this is what you need, then this is what you’ll get. But we’re damned well going to work on changing this association between caring and spanking.”

Well lets face it Cherise Sinclair does an amazing job when she writes about her Dom’s they are the most perfect in every way, leaves us all wondering if there is such a man out there.. haha which is why I LOVE to read her books!

There is just such a connection between the two of them that is always so fun to read about. To think that someone can instantly feel something for another person and know that more will come from it and it will only get better as you go.

He does a great job introducing Mac into a bunch of new things. It is always so much fun reading Mrs. Sinclair’s books!

Masters of the Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclair

These were some of the hottest books I have read and I love them so! They are GREAT! they do such a good job at explaining the Dom/Sub relationships. I had laughed and teared up reading these books. The guys all together crack me up.

These are an erotic BDSM contemporary romance series they all have a HEA and some of them get into the deep subject of human trafiking. They start off as lots of sex and BDSM and then gets into more mystery, then thriller. There is so much going on in these books  I loved them!

For the most part the books take place in a BDSM club called the Shadowlands but there are some “private” parties that go on with all the Masters. The guys are all friends, they all work as Masters at this club and each find their special someone.

1) Club Shadowlands (Master Z’s Story)

2) Dark Citadel (Master Dan’s Story)

3) Breaking Free (Master Nolan’s Story)

4) Lean on Me (Master Cullen’s Story)

5) Make Me, Sir (Master Marcus’ Story)

6) To Command and Collar (Master Raoul’s Story)

7) This Is Who I Am (Master Sam’s Story)

8) If Only (Sally’s Story) – Nov. 2013

You can follow her here on her:

Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter

Cherise has posted a few pictures of the people she finds resembles the Masters and I have posted them HERE. It isn’t all of the Masters. But I have said it before and I will say it again I LOVE when authors do this… enjoy!


This Is Who I Am