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Review – Nobody’s Perfect by Kallypso Masters

Book: Nobody’s Perfect

Author: Kallypso Masters

Series: Rescue Me 4

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Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter’s safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club’s favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he’s come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?

My Thoughts:

I was so excited when this one came out I was lucky enough to just start the series a few months back so I didn’t have much of a wait like some people did. I know that in the Authors life there were things (like with anyone’s life) that came up and well just got in the way. I understand that people want what they want and they want it when it is told to them it will be there but life does not work that way. That being said I enjoyed this story very much I am not one of those people who have been through what Savi has but it still touched me in a way that I was able to understand how triggers work with some people. My husband when he got back from Iraq had a few of those triggers that would just take him back to that time and place. I absolutely LOVE the way that Damian worked with Savi, how he was able to just help her with everything.

“His scars were more visible, but mental scars would be a lot more painful than any physical ones.”

There were a few parts that were just hard to read because no one wants to believe that there are monsters like Savi’s father and Lyle out there. I have a daughter and I would go crazy if something like that happened. My heart hurt for Savi and all she had gone thorough growing up. Damian is so sweet and tender with her, but at the same time so possessive and all alpha and domineering. Everything a girl could ever wish for. 🙂

And one of my absolute favorite things he says to Savannah and made me fall even more in love with him.

“Those are my stretch marks-from my baby-and they’re the most beautiful marks I’ll ever put on you”

Reading more about the SM lifestyle helps my understanding as to why people want to hurt themselves I never understood I just figured it was a psychological issue but it is much more then just that. After reading a couple of books one that is about a SM relationship and one that has introduced it in a book as one of the characters is a sadist it just makes me see things differently and as Tymber Dalton and Cherise Sinclair, Kally has done a great job explaining how pain can help many who numb themselves to try and forget everything and anything that has brought on the issues that have hurt and in their mind ruined them. One of the best scenes is with Damian and Patty it helps to explain in such a way that if you didn’t understand the SM relationship you can’t NOT read that part and not get some type of understanding how it works and why it works.

This was such a great story on how two “broken” people who love eachother can help eachother overcome horrible things that have happened in their pasts. How patiance, understanding, communication and trust work out for the best in some situations. I can not wait to see more of them in the other books as the time goes by.

Then the twist …Marc and Angel… So before the book had come out I was trying to understand why Kally was posting on facebook about another something for Marc and Angel I figured we would get their HEA worked into one of the other books since there was quite a bit going on in their book and they had just gotten to know each other and she didn’t write it as if years had gone by and gave an epilogue with their HEA years later and to be honest I am happy she didn’t. I enjoy reading the unrealistic aspect of a love story but at the same time in this series it can be very realistic. And i love how it all flows well together with little time laps. Two people who just meet and are getting to know each other don’t usually profess love in a few months and get married and live happily ever after (but yes it does happen from time to time). So I do enjoy knowing that these characters are kind of real. Adam and Karla have a long history and well Damian and Savannah share a daughter and a night neither one of them can forget about, so there will be a connection between them. I can not wait to read the story for Marc and Angel. It was driving me kind of crazy not knowing what was going on with them while I was reading this story. But as you read there are hints of some things and it made me want to scream “okay Kally what are you up to now?” She
has said she is doing their story to take place during the same time as this book but she didn’t want to have their story take over Damian and Savannah’s story. I am glad that she did this because I have read books that have made that mistake and I have been left feeling like I didn’t get the closure I was hoping for on one couple or the other or feel like there are so many un-answered questions because it went so back and forth.

I am looking forward to all the stories to come that have to do with this series. Kally has said that:

Sombody’s Angel – (Marc and Angel)

“continuation of Marc and Angelina’s story in Nobody’s Angel. The storyline for the book will parallel the one in Nobody’s Perfect. (rest assured that Adam knows, though, and will play a role in Marc’s story)”

Nobody’s Dream – (Luke and Cassie’s Story)

Nobody’s Home – (Mistress Grant and Liam’s Story) à I am looking forward to this one! I have not read many femdom/domme books and I cant wait to see how this one plays out!!

Kally also says that:

“There will be others for years to come if they keep showing up at the club or in these people’s lives”

She is also working on getting the first three books in the series to printing by the end of the year with Amazon and possibly other book sellers.

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I am so excited!! It is finally here the long awaited book 4 of the Rescue Me Series!! I have been waiting and luckly I didn’t start the series until a month ago so it was not too long of a wait for me! She officially has it released but she has let everyone know that there may be some typos still and so if you are one of those people who can not stand to read a book that has some still then to wait a while because she will be checking everyone over again and correcting any issues that come up and will be updating them on the sites.

I will be starting this one TOMORROW!!! I am beyond excited. Now I just need Sam’s story in the Masters of the Shadowlands and I can be a happy girl!!!! 😉

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Review – Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters


Masters at Arms begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath–forging an unbreakable bond–will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series about the men who own the Masters at Arms BDSM Club.) AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an introduction to the series, but does NOT have the Happily Ever After endings that will come in the next three romance novels in the series. Being the back-story that usually is not told in “real time,” there are some intense themes in the book, including death of a spouse, incest, torture, a battle scene, and amputation.


I understood before I read this that it is just an intro to the series and it gives you the back story to the guys and how they all met and how they bonded and what happened in their pasts to shape who they are in their books. I fell in love the minute I read that it is BDSM as well as Marines! I mean who could go wrong with that combo? Plus my husband is a “former”(even though there is no such thing) Marine and so when there was talk about Camp Pendleton I was overjoyed I lived on base for about 5 years and it just brought back memories. I LOVE when a book can do that! I will say that I LOVED the intro’s but I also wanted the stories and I know that the author is a tad behind on the 4th book because she had said that it took her longer then she had planned since it was an intense one. I am so glad that I had book 2 as well as 3 after I read this one. I couldn’t wait to get started on it! I loved the back stories and the bantering. I miss the military lingo and the way the guys always joked around. It was so familiar and I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. I had put off reading it because there were so many other books I have been trying to get to and I am SO glad that I decided to jump in and get started on this one!