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Okay, so now that I finally got time I am getting the giveaway together from when I was able to meet up with Kallypso Masters to have dinner. I am so happy that I was able to meet up with her. I never seem to have time to go to any signings. This dinner was awesome! I was able to also meet up with another reader who made the trip out. It was an awesome time to just sit and talk, the three of us.

We talked about books we love, about types we prefer over others. Then we talked about Mrs. Kally’s books. We had questions about how she got some parts as ideas and why she chose some things. It was fun and I wish I could meet up with more authors, one on one or in small groups like that. It is something that I will never forget. Kally is so sweet and just an awesome person. I am so happy she took the time because lets face it, she didn’t have to. She was on vacation. I am so glad and thankful to her husband for letting her go out to meet with strangers 🙂 I wish I could have stayed longer and just talked and picked her brain. But like everything all good things must come to an end at some point.

After our dinner, she gave us some goodiesI always love goodies. She also gave me some things to do a giveaway for my blog. I didn’t ask for anything she just provided. She knows I do a blog and said she wanted to give me something so that I can do a giveaway. I wasn’t even thinking about asking for anything for a giveaway. So it made me happy, It amazes how some people can just give and not think twice about it. I wanted to get it together sooner but have been so busy with my kiddos sports, music and school stuff. But now that things have settled down a little and the holidays are over I can finally get this posted to share with everyone and make someone elses day.

So here are your choices to enter for a chance to win… There will be 3 winners. You can enter all 3. Just click on the photos for rafflecopter link. 🙂  Good luck to all who enter. And it is open to everyone. 🙂


Signed Book (book 1 & 2) 




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~ Giveaway ~

When I started this whole blogging adventure I never thought that I would end up with a thousand people who like and follow me on Facebook. I had originally started it because I had been asked by some friends what I thought of some books, then when I had told them of a few ones that were really good they had asked what I would suggest to read next. I thought hmmm why not just start a page for them to follow what I think, then I looked into starting an actual blogging page. I have had so much fun reading, putting my reviews up and having people actually care about what I think. I love finding giveaways to share with people. I enjoy finding news on new books and sharing. So when I hit 1,000 on Facebook as well as hitting my 1 year of blogging, I wanted to put a giveaway together as a thank you!  I don’t do many giveaways so this has been fun and exciting for me.

I wanted to send out a huge thank you! Without these great authors (and more) I wouldn’t be able to do this!!!! So…

Thank You!!!!!! For all you do!!!

I don’t know if authors understand what they do for people like me (booklovers). We are able to sit and read, to escape from reality. Sometimes it is a need I am not sure many get unless you have a love and passion for books. When things may be too hectic or stressful we turn to you to help us leave it all behind even if for an hour or so. I know that a thank you may not be enough because to be honest I don’t feel that it can express to all the authors out there how much it means to us as readers!

Special Thank You to…

BJ Harvey

Chelsea Falin

Madeline Sheehan

Kristen Proby

Ella Frank

Arianne Richmonde

Ann Mayburn

J. Sterling

Megan Hart

Gena D. Lutz

Kallypso Masters

Gail McHugh

Julie Hockley

Jasinda Wilder

Olivia Cunning

M. Leighton

Michelle Valentine

Kim Karr

Stacey Bentley

Love Belvin

JS Cooper


I am not doing one big entry type giveaway becasue I know some people have read some of the stuff we are giving away. So I am going to post the link to each one so you can enter the ones you would like to win. 🙂 Hope it isn’t too difficult but in my head it seemed easier to do it this way. This way when rafflecopter picks the winner I know that is what they want for sure. 🙂

So without further ado…..

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1 e-copy of Personal Growth by Chelsea Falin

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Undeniable #1 Undeniable #2 Holy Trinity #1 400000000000000834373_s4

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Winner gets to pick – Apron or T-shirt by Kallypso Masters

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last boyfriend

Teasers ~ Somebody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters

YAY teasers are starting for the next Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters.. You can follow and stay up to date on all things Rescue Me on her Website/BlogAs she posts them I will add them here. 🙂 This one is set to release this year not a set date just yet, but once I find out I will post it!

Now, who wants a little kink? This is an UNEDITED excerpt from the beginning of Somebody’s Angel. Those who have finished Nobody’s Perfect (Rescue Me #4) are aware that the fifth book in the series will parallel the timeline for Perfect beginning at the New Year’s weekend in Aspen then continues until beyond where Perfect ended.

The first book in the Rescue Me series, Masters at Arms, is free always and the second book, Nobody’s Angel, may still be free at Amazon from a January promotion, so everyone be sure to grab those if you don’t already have them or you need the updated versions. (Nov. 30 is the final update for the first three books in the series and Jan. 15 for Nobody’s Perfect. Now that the books are in paperback–no more revisions!) Click here for info about the series and buy links to available booksellers.



Twenty minutes later, they were upstairs in their suite. Angelina released a huge sigh. Everyone in the lobby seemed to be watching her. She was uncertain which were members of Marc’s family and which were staff. Apparently, the family hadn’t been alerted as to their time of arrival. Odd, but it wasn’t as if they had shown up at his family’s home unannounced. This resort was huge. They could probably hide out for a week without being found.

Enough fantasizing. She’d have to face them sooner or later. Dinner tonight, Marc had said.
Angelina looked up at Marc, furrowing her eyebrows. “Enough what?”
“Enough worrying. They are going to love you as much as I do, cara. This tug-of-war in your head has to end. Now.”
“The only butt I want right now is yours over my knee. Strip.”
Her heart thudded and she let her coat puddle at her feet. “Yes, Sir.”
She pulled the heavy sweater over her head, hearing the static crackling her hair. He’d insisted she go braless this morning—and he’d copped a few feels on the drive to Aspen. So, in seconds, she was half naked. His gaze lowered to her breasts and her nipples puckered.
Marc reached out to touch one nipple and the static electricity discharged, causing her to inhale sharply and pull away from the pain. He laughed. “We’ll have to explore the violet wand in the playroom or club sometime.”
While not on her list of hard limits, she’d never liked the idea of his using electricity on her body. If that tiny spark to her nipple had hurt that much, imagine what it would feel like with currents coursing through her entire body.
Angelina shuddered and reached for her pleated skirt’s waistband, until he stayed her hand. “Leave the skirt. Lose the tights.”
Her pussy muscles tightened. Mio Dio. As she anticipated his bare hand on her equally bare butt, her breathing became rapid and shallow. She needed this so badly after stressing over this meeting since Christmas. Well, after Christmas maybe. That day had been wonderful and they returned home to enjoy a special treat in the upstairs playroom, complete with candy canes. She’d never look at those giant candy sticks or their curved smaller counterparts the same way again.
Reaching up under the skirt, she snagged the waistband of her black tights with her thumbs and quickly shimmied them down over her butt to her knees before she sat on the bed to remove her shoes and take the tights the rest of the way off. She wore no panties, another of Marc’s commands this morning cluing her in that they would be playing at some point today. But on cold days like this one, he allowed her to wear tights if they’d be outside.
He’d always seemed to know how uncomfortable and unsteady she was in fuck-me stiletto heels, though, and only required them in certain playroom scenes at home that required little or no walking. A very considerate Dom.
When she dropped the tights onto the floor, his gaze roamed over her bare breasts and calves, heating her.
“Stand and present yourself.”
Angelina stood, cast her gaze to the floor in front of her, and planted her feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Her hands grasped her elbows behind her back, causing her breasts to jut out. Marc’s warm hands cupped her breasts and he pinched her nipples until she gasped.
“I love your tits.”
So I’ve noticed. “Thank you, Sir.”
He lowered his mouth to one, taking the nipple between his teeth and tugging until she nearly lost her footing, even though she was barefoot.
He stood and sighed, as if regretting he didn’t have time to continue exploring her breasts, and then he went to toy bag and unzipped it. When he pulled out one of his paddles, she almost took an involuntary step back. The paddle? Why? She hadn’t been bad.
Marc sat down on the edge of the bed and laid the wooden paddle on the bedspread beside him. The turquoise-colored bedspread enhanced the mirror image of the word “MINE.” That word soon would be imprinted in red on her butt. She hated the sting of that paddle. Damn Luke for making it, even though he had given it to Angelina so that she would be the one to present it to Marc, if she chose to. She could have withheld it, but the sentiment seemed sweet at the time. She’d get her revenge on dear, sweet Luke some day.
“Kneel.” He tossed a pillow from the bed in front of him, between his knees.
She was permitted to use her hands to get into a new position, so she released her elbows and used her hands on his knees to ease herself down onto the pillow. Once steady, her hands returned to clasp her elbows at her lower back.
“Remove my shoes.” She untied and removed the Guccis he had pulled from the back of the closet this morning. He didn’t usually wear them at home. She set them beside her discarded coat and sweater.
“You need to take your mind off dinner tonight. Please me with your mouth.”
Releasing her hands again, she eased down the zipper of his black [EXPENSIVE ITALIAN BRAND] pants. Reaching inside the opening, she pulled out his penis. She’d never grow tired of the sight of him, large and stiff for her. He leaned back on his elbows and she looked up at him.
Marc grinned. “No hands.”
Angelina scooted a little closer, knowing she’d need to support her chest if she wanted to have any control over the depth he could penetrate her mouth. As if licking a melting ice-cream cone, she let the tip of her tongue trace the engorged vein along the length of him, then returned to the head. His hiss and the bobbing of his penis told her she’d pleased him. He had been a little tense about this visit, too, so perhaps he needed this time as much as she did.
Releasing all thoughts of meeting his family, Angelina leaned as far forward as she could and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, pulling him toward her then taking him deeper. At this angle, it was difficult to take him into her throat, so she concentrated on the head, flicking her tongue around the rim and the notch on the underside. He bobbed again and she tasted his salty pre-cum. She grew wet thinking about having him inside her. Soon, she hoped.
“Your mouth is so hot, Amore.
Emboldened by his words, she sucked the head harder and he hissed again, pumping his hips up until the tip of his penis hit the roof of her mouth. She loved pleasing her Dom this way and he loved it, too.
Suddenly, he placed his hands on either side of her face and pulled her away. Puzzled, she looked up at him.
“I don’t want to come in your mouth or on your face. We don’t have a lot of time to clean up. Stand, pet.”
She maneuvered herself to her feet and took a step back before resuming her presentation position, unsure what he wanted her to do next.
Marc stood as well, kicking the pillow away, and unbuckled his belt. He released the button. “Remove my pants.”
Unclasping her hands, she reached out and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his pants and lowered them. As usual, he went commando and his penis stood out, fierce and erect, surrounded by tufts of dark curly hair. Impulsively, she placed a kiss on the tip as she continued to pull down his pants.
“You did not have permission to do that, pet.”
Marc sat down so she could pull the pant legs the rest of the way off. She fought the urge to straddle him. They were being formal now and she needed to do as she was told. She’d learned a lot about discipline living with him these last few months. She needed to remember her training and not let her impulses get the better of her, or she probably would pay for it. She glanced at the paddle again.
“Across my lap. Now.”
Angelina swallowed hard and lay across his lap wutg his penis poking into her stomach and her body evenly distributed on either side of his thighs. Her hair hung loose and curtained her face—not that he could see her anyway. She felt herself grow wet, anticipating the sting of his hand on her butt.
“Hands on the floor.”
Shit. She didn’t like that position, because it left her with very little control—so open and vulnerable. However, she did as he’d ordered and placed her hands flat on the floor. His penis now pressed against her pubic bone and each swat of his hand would send a jolt to him, as well.
He lifted her short skirt and his warm hand caressed her butt. She squirmed when his fingers traced the crack to the swollen folds of her pussy.
“So damned wet for me, pet. Thank you.”
“No, thank you, Sir, for making me wet.”
His finger slid inside her opening and she squeezed him in welcome. They hadn’t made love this morning and she wanted him inside her so badly. However, it wouldn’t happen for a while at least. Perhaps not for hours—even days. Sometimes he preferred to leave her wanting and needing for long periods before he gave her the relief she so desperately needed. He pulled out his finger and she hoped he’d touch her clit now and give her some relief.
Not expecting the spanking to start so suddenly, her breath hitched in surprise.
His hand came down on her other butt cheek equally hard and she squeezed her cheeks together. Several more swats rained down on her in quick succession and she held her breath as the familiar warmth spread over her bottom.
“Open wider for me, pet.”
Oh, no. She hated when he struck directly on her pussy or clit. Knowing it would only be worse if she didn’t respond quickly, she angled her left leg toward his knee, exposing herself to him fully.
“Oh, mio Dio!” His hand struck directly on her clit and she jerked, trying to avoid the next blow.Swat! No such luck. Tears ran down her nose. The release of tension as he continued to spank her left her sobbing, then the familiar euphoria she’d come to experience left her floating. Bliss.
The paddle landed on her left cheek and surprised her, stinging her sore skin and bringing her back to the present with a vengeance. How long had she zoned out?
The pain burning in her butt caused her to clench her cheeks, which only made the fire burn even hotter. New tears flowed.
Cool air blew over her burning cheeks; Marc was finished with the spanking. His cool breath only caused gooseflesh to break out, increasing her pain level. He knew it, too. She jumped as the cold aloe he used after spanking her made contact with her sore ass, but soon it helped take the sting away.
His hand stroked her back in a soothing manner as he waited for the ointment to dry. She hiccupped.
“Shhh, pet.” Marc helped her off his lap and she went into his arms as he sat her on his lap and enfolded her in his arms. Her butt stung, but she only wanted to be held. He stroked her hair and she laid her head against his shoulder, accepting his gentle ministrations.
“You’re mine, pet.”

Marc & Angelina’s Christmas Play Scene – Kallypso Masters

Okay I woke up to this in my news feed this morning! I LOVE these!!!! She couldn’t post the link to her Blog because it was restricted or some reason and I had the same issue so here it is. (pretty much copied and pasted it from her site! So that I can post and share on FB)….


I hope the holiday season is going well for everyone and that you have given and received many blessings. May the New Year bring many more!
As I promised my friends on Facebook and at my recent book signing in New York City, here’s a bonus scene for you with Marc and Angelina that won’t appear in any of the books in the Rescue Me series. Those who are up to date with the series know that Marc and Angelina came together in Nobody’s Angel (Rescue Me #2) and ended with a Happy For Now after their first week together. Several months later, they’re long-overdue for Happily Ever After, but those who have read Nobody’s Perfect (Rescue Me #4) know Marc is going through a bit of a crisis. The heart of the problem will be revealed in Somebody’s Angel (Rescue Me #5, due out in sometime in 2013), but the bonus vignette below takes place on Christmas Day of last year, before the disastrous New Year’s weekend in Aspen. They’re both very much in love and oh so compatible in the bedroom—and the playroom.
Of course, I can’t continue their story in the next book on such a blissfully happy scene. Still, I wanted to share it with you as my gift for your ongoing patience. Writing this scene also has stoked the fire for me to start working in earnest on Somebody’s Angel in the next week or so. (First I have to get Nobody’s Perfect in paperback form, along with the first three books in the series which went into paperback versions earlier this month. And in my next blog, I hope to share some photos and stories from my paperback launch reception during my mini vacation with my daughter to New York City before Christmas. I’ll post some buy links below for the paperbacks, which are only available online at CreateSpace and Amazon right now.)
But first, Marc and Angelina… (Please excuse typos and incorrect word choices—but I need to hit the road this afternoon to get home to hubby and I have lots of packing to do!). 
This scene takes place after they have visited Damián’s apartment with a special delivery for Marisol, as depicted in Nobody’s Perfect.
Angelina and Marc-monica and raoul
Marc’s Christmas Scene for Angelina 

Angelina removed Marc’s sexy elf hat and ran her fingers through his hair as his Porsche tore down the highway toward Aspen Corners. She hoped they wouldn’t be too late, but knew Mama wouldn’t start serving dinner until they arrived. She just didn’t tell Marc that. Let him think he might miss out on some of Mama’s fantastic cooking.


Her mind turned to what had made them late. “What do you think that was all about with Savi?” Seeing Damián’s friend freaking out over the kitten two hours ago had her worried. She hoped they’d done the right thing in bringing the rescued kitten to Marisol for Christmas this morning. Damián said he liked the idea, anyway. His being allergic to little Boots made her doubly worried.


Marc squeezed her hand. “She appeared to have some kind of flashback, but Damián’s had enough of them to know what to do. Don’t worry, cara.”


She nodded. It was ironic that Damián would find a lady with PTSD issues, too. “She seems really nice, and Marisol is adorable. I can see why Damián’s so smitten with them both.”


“I just hope Savi doesn’t re-injure that rib. She scared me this morning when she jumped up and ran.”


Angelina leaned over the console and pressed a kiss against Marc’s cheek.


“What was that for?”


“For caring so much, even about a near stranger. You’re a good man, Marc D’Alessio.”


Marc kept his gaze on the road ahead. “I think you’re biased, Amore.”


“Maybe. I’m in love, too. But if you weren’t so wonderful, then I wouldn’t be biased orin love.”


His smile told her she hadn’t freaked him out telling him she loved him, not like it used to do anyway. The two rode on in companionable silence. As they came through the last pass, she glanced at the road leading to Cassie’s cabin and wondered what the woman planned to do for Christmas. Maybe she should have invited her to join the Giardano gathering, but Cassie would almost certainly have declined, especially with all Angelina’s brothers there in full force. She was such a sweet girl. Too bad she kept herself closed off from everyone the way she did. Everyone but Karla and, by association, now Angelina to a slight degree.


Snow clouds hovered over the mountain peaks to the right. She wondered how much accumulation there would be today and tonight, hoping it wouldn’t be enough to impede travel. She and Marc wanted to get back to Denver tonight. He said he had a special Christmas scene planned for her up in their playroom. She couldn’t wait.


But wait she would, because Marc loved to make her squirm with anticipation. She was getting better at not peppering him with a dozen questions, because she knew he wouldn’t tell her anything. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder.


“So, is my Christmas scene going to involve a certain jolly old elf?”


He reached over and pinched her.




“Who are you calling old?”


She rubbed her thigh. “I meant Santa Claus, you big oaf.”


He chuckled.” After playing the elf today, I naturally assumed you meant me.”


“Well, of course I expect it to include you. Hmmm, maybe a threesome.”


Marc’s face grew serious. “I don’t share you with anyone. Not anymore.”


There had been a time when he’d practically thrown her at Luke. She remembered the time with the three of them on her sofa, too, not that Marc had done anymore more than restrain her with his body for Luke’s pleasure. Okay, her pleasure, too. But she knew Luke wasn’t the right man for her. She was destined to love Marc for the rest of her life.


“Now I wonder what an elf might use on a naughty little sub?” She tapped her chin as she pretended to think about it, hoping he’d divulge something, but he remained silent. “I’ve heard some elves can get quite creative with candy canes.”


“How did you…I mean, we’ll see. You know I’m not going to tell you.”


Oh, but that was a tell! So, he planned to use a candy cane. She read once that they made for an incredible sensation when inserted into a pussy. Is that what he had in mind? She remembered the time he’d put minty toothpaste on her clit. Would a minty candy stick burn as much? Would he use one of those great bit ones?


Angelina flushed at the thought. Mio Dio, she wanted to get back home as soon as they could.


Moments later Marc pulled into her Mama’s driveway, putting all thoughts of their upcoming playtime on the back burner for a while. Her youngest brother Tony came outside the house wearing a red and blue ski sweater. He shook Marc’s hand. The two tolerated each other, but until there was a ring on her finger, Tony was going to ride Marc’s ass to make an honest woman of her and not expect him to be a forever kind of guy.


Tony gave Angelina a crushing hug. “Merry Christmas, baby.”


“Stop calling me baby.”


He released her and tweaked her nose. “Not a chance.” Marc opened the trunk.


Tony let her go. “Need any help carrying things inside?”


Soon the three of them were loaded down with presents as well as the dishes Angelina had offered to bring for today’s feast, including some of her favorite anise-flavored Italian cookies. She hoped Marc would enjoy them.


The next couple hours were filled with food and laughter around the table. When her brothers went to the family room to gather around the TV set to watch a bowl game, Marc surprised her by staying with her and Mama to help clear the table.


“Don’t you want to watch football?”


“I love football—just not the American version.”


Ah, so her Italian stud had brought with him a love of soccer from the old country. Angelina actually enjoyed watching the World Cup much more than a bowl game. One more thing they were compatible in. She’d never dreamed she’d meet someone so perfect for her. Especially not a Dom, after she’d sworn off BDSM altogether with the disastrous introduction she’s had with Allen Martin.


Marc set the silverware in the sink and turned to her. “What was that thought?”


Angelina looked over at Marc. She hadn’t even realized he’d been watching her. But he always seemed to be attentive and knew her every thought sometimes. Or at least knew the emotion behind it based on what he read on her expressive face.


“Nothing. Just thankful to have found you. That’s all.”


“Ah, but I found you first.”


“Yeah, well, I was trying to block that out of my memory, so it took me a while to realize you had rescued me at the club. I found you at Rico’s, though. It helped that I wasn’t in subspace. I remember that more clearly.”


He reached out to pinch her nipple and she turned quickly to make sure Mama hadn’t seen, but she was walking back toward the dining room to gather more items. Angelina tried to brush his hand aside anyway, but he just squeezed harder.


“Ow. What was that for?”


“To remind you that, even though you have no cognizant memory of our first time together, your body retains the feeling memory of that time.”


Her clit zinged as she remembered how he’d reached inside the subbie blanket and he’d brought her off with just a touch.


Marc smiled. “See? You do remember.”


Her face grew flushed and he gave her nipple one more pinch before letting her go. “Here, Mrs. Giardano, let me take those.” Angelina fanned herself as Marc went to retrieve whatever Mama held and carried a stack of scraped plates to the sink.


Tonight couldn’t come fast enough. And neither could she.

Angelina nude

Marc checked to make sure the red satin sash was securely fastened over Angelina’s eyes before he opened the door to the playroom. He’d let her take a look at the way he’d decorated the room later, but she’d peppered him with so many questions on the way home, he thought it best she remain in suspense a while longer. When would she learn that a little anticipation was good for her—and him? He’d have her howling tonight—a number of times.


With an arm around her waist between her back and her cuffed hands, he led her toward the spanking horse. They hadn’t played on this particular piece of equipment before. He’d continue to work with her on the St. Andrew’s cross and was confident he’d replaced all the bad memories of that apparatus with much more pleasant ones.


But tonight, he wanted to see her ass red and her pussy weeping for him in readiness.Dio, he’d missed being able to touch her today. Judging by the way she’d stroked his thigh and eventually his cock on the drive back, she was ready, too. Good thing he’d pulled over to the emergency lane before he wrecked the Porsche. He’d ordered her to give him a blow job before he’d been able to continue the rest of the three-hour drive home. Merda, the woman’s hands—and mouth—did something to him that made it hard to concentrate. Watching her deep throat him made him hard as a rock now.


But tonight was his gift to her—at first, anyway. When they reached the horse, he halted her. He released the clamp on the padded leather cuffs he’d restrained her with down in the bedroom.


“Use your hands to separate your tits for me.” She did so. He wanted to see one tit on each side of the bar, her nipples easily accessible to him. Dio, he loved her big tits.


“There are kneelers just in front of your feet. Stand on them.” The toe of her shoe bumped into the left one before she raised her mule-encased foot onto the velvet pad. She soon had her other foot on its pad. The shoes had a three-inch heel, which was about as much as he wanted to see her in. She was none too steady in anything higher anyway.


“Good girl.” He placed one hand on her abdomen and the other between her shoulder blades and applied slight pressure to her back. “Now, bend over.”


Her hesitation barely noticeable, she leaned forward, trusting him not to let her fall as he guided her into position on the center beam of the spanking horse. The joint of her hips was right at the edge, just where he wanted her. When he’d set up the equipment, he’d adjusted the arms of the horse to where he thought her arms would be. Perfect fit. He knew her body so well after the last few months. Not nearly as well as he wanted to learn it in the months and years to come.


“You can release your tits and stretch out your arms as if on a cross.” She’d seen this piece of equipment before and stretched out onto the padded arm rests in perfect position. “Good girl.” He saw a smile on her lips, then moved to the head of the apparatus and took her head between his hands, guiding her forehead onto the padded cushion and making sure her face was positioned properly inside the hole. He then strapped her waist to the center bar.


“Nod if you can breathe comfortably.”


She nodded. He’d instructed her that she was not to make a sound unless given permission or to count the blows. Keeping her from being so vocal was an area of discipline in which they still had a lot of work to do, especially when she was ready to come. He loved hearing her express the pleasure of her orgasm, but he also wanted to enjoy her more in public and needed to work on quieting down her responses to being pleasured—a little, at least. Tonight, though, he wanted to hear her scream his name as she came with him buried deep inside her. Not yet, though.


After adjusting the kneepads to make her comfortable—for now—he went to his toy bag and pulled out what he’d be using tonight. He loved sensation play with Angelina. She was so fucking responsive.


Angelina waited. She’d never been on the spanking horse before. The name alone made her wet. She loved being spanked—and Marc was built like a horse. She hoped he’d fill her pussy with every inch tonight. With all the Christmas preparations, they hadn’t really had time for play or even vanilla sex for the last five days. She was primed and ready.


Something soft and fuzzy brushed up her thighs and over the cheeks of her butt. She pictured the heart-shaped paddle he’d used on her several months ago in the great room at the club when he’d begun her training as a sub. But she was his sub now. Forever.


“You know the drill, pet. You’re permitted to speak as you’ve been trained to do.”




The soft paddle came down on her left cheek. “One, Sir. Please may I have another?”Only harder this time. With something other than that wimpy paddle? But she’d behave for now, unless he continued to go easy on her, in which case she’d release the brat inside.


After several more love taps with the fuzzy paddle, Marc’s fingers spread open her shaved lips, exposing her wet pussy and clit to the much cooler air.




“Holy…” She hoped she’d caught herself in time, but the paddle had come down hard on her swollen clit, surprising her. “I mean, four, Sir. M-may I have another?”


“Of course, pet.”


This time, she braced herself for the paddle to her clit again. Instead, she felt Marc’s tongue stroking her clit hood and coaxing the little nubbin to engorge even more. Oh, yes. Keep doing that.




Holy Mother of God! The pain radiated from her pussy to her thighs as the pain of the direct impact onto her exposed clit. What number were they on?


“Five, Sir. Please may I have another?”


No more blows were delivered. Marc rammed what felt like to fingers into her pussy hole and she tried to move toward him, but the belt around her waist and the arm restraints made that impossible. She moaned.




Oh, yeah. He didn’t want to her hear expressing her pleasure this time. She needed to rein in her responses.


He removed his fingers and he nearly groaned with regret before catching herself. The sound of crinkling cellophane filled her ears. Ah, the candy cane. When he pressed the tip against her pussy, she immediately realized this was no tiny cane, but one of those inch-thick sticks it took forever to finish as a kid. He continued to press the stick inside her and she didn’t feel anything at first. What a disappointment.


She heard more cellophane and Marc came up near her face. “Turn toward me.” She did, and he pushed the sash onto her forehead. He was licking the straight end of a smaller candy cane and smiling. He wore his green elf hat from earlier, but looked anything but innocent. There was a wicked gleam in his eye.


“How does your pussy feel?”


She wasn’t sure how much of the stick was inside her, but the image of the other end sticking out of her hole made her clench her vaginal muscles. “Full.” Suddenly, the ring of muscles around her opening began to grow increasingly warm. “Hot now.”


He grinned and stuck the candy cane into his mouth right up to the curve of the stick, coating it with his saliva. He took it out. “Face down.” Just before she averted her eyes, she saw him practically deep- throat the cane again.


His hand spread her clenched butt cheeks, which she’d contracted to keep the now-burning stick from falling out, not that it seemed to be going anywhere.


“Relax your sphincter.”




“Silence, pet, or you’ll be punished for your lack of discipline.”


The tip of the wet candy cane pressed against her asshole and she fought to relax, but the thought of the burning to come made that nearly impossible.




The stinging in her butt cheek told her Marc’s patience wasn’t going to put up with any disobedience, so she relaxed as he’d instructed and felt the smaller peppermint coated candy stick insert into her anus. While not nearly as big as the butt plugs he’d trained her with, the heat of the peppermint oil, already wet from Marc’s mouth, soon heated up her smaller hole.


Don’t scream. Remain quiet for him. Please your Dom.


The litany went on and on. Marc stroked her but cheeks down to her thighs and up again. He pulled the larger cane out, then rammed it inside her very wet pussy again where it bumped against the smaller cane, causing pain to bloom in her ass. She clenched her sphincter tightly around the sugary torture device that had her burning for Marc’s penis. But she knew she wouldn’t receive that Christmas reward for a while, not after she’d gotten him off just a couple hours ago on the ride home. He was satiated for now. She’d learned the man’s endurance was beyond anything imaginable during that first week they’d been together.


Marc pinched her left nipple, causing her to jerk as much as she could, then he clamped it with one of the alligator clips he was fond of using lately. The teeth bit into her flesh, but with the flow of blood cut off, it soon grew numb as he walked around the horse to do the same with the other nipple. She knew the real pain would come later, when he removed the damned things.


He stepped away again and she missed the heat of his body. “Now, where were we?”




Ow! The sting of a leather tawse came down on her right upper thigh. Where indeed? “Um, six, Sir.” She hoped. “May I have another?”


“Very good, pet. Your levels of concentration are improving.”


His words warmed her heart, but not quite as warm as her ass and pussy holes and the residual stinging where he’d smacked her.




“Seven, Sir. Please may I have another?”


He continued with a steadily increasing intensity of blows landing on her butt cheeks as she counted. Fifteen. Twenty. Twenty-five. She pictured the candy canes bobbing up and down as she flinched and tried to squirm away from the stinging leather. Her cheeks soon were hotter than her candy-filled holes, but the feeling of pain receded. She tried not to moan, but she wanted to come so badly.


Without warning, the larger of the canes was removed. “Turn your head and look at me.”


She did so and looked up at him with love and hoped she’d pleased him. Without smiling he pressed the candy cane against her lips and pressed it inside. The taste of her own juices mixed with the peppermint was very sensual and she closed her eyes as he pressed it further into her mouth.


“I said look at me.”


She complied immediately and he began fucking her face with the stick as she looked up at him. Deeper and deeper the stick went toward the back of her throat. Mio Dio, she couldn’t deep throat a candy stick. It would tear up her throat making it hard for her to take him there for days to come. But she wasn’t going to tell him to stop. During playtime, her body was his to use as he wished. He’d never abused—or disappointed—her yet.


Marc removed the stick before pressing any further. He smiled. “Good girl.”


Relief flooded her. She’d pleased him.


He reached up to unsnap the crotch of his leathers and his cock sprang out. Without having to tell her, she opened her mouth and he soon filled her, going deeper than where he’s stopped with the cane on his very first stroke. His hands held her head in place, as if she was going anywhere, and he pushed himself down her throat. She’d long ago lost the gag reflex, loving to give him head every chance he’d let her, and heard him moan as his cock slid into her tight throat. She wished her hands weren’t restrained so she could play with the curly hairs on his balls, but would have to content herself with this for now. He pinched her nostrils closed and soon she tightened around his cock even more as she tried to gasp for breath. Pressure built in her chest, but he released her and withdrew. She was disappointed that she hadn’t gotten him to come for her.


He walked back down to the juncture of her legs. The coarse hair of his legs stung as they brushed against her tawse-reddened thighs, but she soon forgot the pain as he rammed his cock into her. The smaller cane moved back and forth as he pumped into her, causing her sphincter to go into spasms. She wouldn’t last much longer.


Marc’s finger flicked the hood of her clit and she clenched her teeth. You do not have permission to scream.


Sweat broke out on her forehead, soaking her satin sash, as she fought for self-control. Marc removed the candy cane from her butt hole and reached up to stroke the sides of her breasts.


“Come for me, pet. Loudly.”


He removed both of the tit clamps simultaneously. The pain rushed into her nipples as blood flow was restored.


“Holy shit, that hurts! Oh, Gesu, yes! It hurts so good!”


His finger rubbed her tender nipples as he continued to pumped his rod inside her. The explosion bubbled up. “So close. Come with me, Sir!”


And he did.

Q & A with Marine/Model Alex Minsky

Okay this is not my normal book post BUT it does still have something to do with books (for the most part… ok not completely) In one of the book groups I am a part of, someone posted a picture of Alex Minsky the one below to be exact. She had posted that his name is Alex Minsky and he was a Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan. The minute I read that and saw the picture he immediately became a character from one of the books I have read. (yes, I know, for anyone who is not a bookworm like myself this will come across a little strange. But for those who love books the way I do you will understand what I mean haha) For anyone who has read the Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters know exactly who I am talking about. Damian!!! For those who have NOT read the series and would like a book about hot Marines with BDSM mixed in for good measure it is a must read! The first book (which is a prequel to the series, so it gives you the back story for the three guys) is free right now on Amazon so go get it! I also told the author about him and she said she would provide an e-copy of Nobody’s Perfect (the book that is about Damian)  for a giveaway; since he has quickly become what some of us see when we think of Damian.

For those who would like to enter for your chance to win an e-copy of Kallypso Masters Nobody’s Perfect you can enter HERE. (contest is now over)


 I sent Alex a message and asked if he wouldn’t mind answering some questions for me and he agreed. He is one of the funniest people I have had the opportunities to get to know and has the best sense of humor! He is very sweet when he wants to be I am sure, (I wouldnt know or anything) but he is also a smart-ass which means we got along just fine. I don’t think he expected to become so popular with in a weeks time. So many are talking about him and sharing his FANPAGE on facebook. Many believe he is an inspiration and I would have to agree; to go through something such as he did and not give up but just kept pushing forward is something not everyone can do. He is a great guy and hopefully will soon be in magazines everywhere. It would even be awesome to see him on TV telling his story.. (ahem Ellen?!? so everyone send her an email to tell her about him! I already have!!) Email Ellen Here.

Here it is a little bit about Alex…

I went online and found a little more information about him and what had happened also how he got noticed by a photographer. This is what I found…(got to love Google)

There was a little bit about him on this site Barrier Free LivingIt explains how a photographer Tom Cullis had noticed him at his gym, and found exactly what he was looking for in Alex.

Cullis was on the hunt for a model for a RuskinAthletic gear shoot, and the creator Hubert Pouches had told Cullis he wanted imagery that revealed “the reality of life andbeauty in someone who struggles to live each day as inspiration and appreciation for life.”

The OC Register has an article that tells a little about him growing up also about his accident and military time. It has some really cute pictures of him from when he was younger as well.


Alex Minsky, was deployed to Afghanistan as a mortarman with the Marine Corps. He spent just two weeks there before the explosion rocked his vehicle. He suffered severe brain injuries, a broken jaw and other wounds to the right side of his body. Doctors amputated his right leg below the knee. As a teenage bass player, he skipped class to practice with his heavy metal band — In Her Arms — and did so badly in school that he transferred to a home-study program on the advice of administrators. Minsky, who attended Carl Hankey Elementary School and Newhart Middle School in Mission Viejo, improved his grades enough to graduate from Capistrano Valley High in 2007. Then, while working at Costco a few months later, he surprised everyone by announcing he would join the Marines. During boot camp Alex was awarded a position as guide, and led a group of 80 recruits. He graduated in three months and transferred to Camp Pendleton for weapons training. After another three months Alex was assigned to the Second Battalion, Third Marine Regiment in Hawaii, where he trained for nearly a year before being sent to Afghanistan.

And now without further ado…here is what I was able to strangle out of him…

He is 24 years old and single. (not any longer single 😉 )

Hello, it’s me your Majesty. Anyway, so, okay, yeah, I’m a little nervous (if you couldn’t tell from my rambling).. so we will start with 5 things you want everyone to know about you?

Hey Brandy whats up its Alex. Or your Majesty sorry shit. (laughing) 5 things I want people to know about me? I don’t know, ummm yeah let me kind of think about it alright.

Okay so then out of all the tattoos that you have if you had to pick 3 which 3 would be your favorites and why?

If I had to pick three? Just thinkin about it, on my right arm when I was 19 and in the Marine Corps I got the Marine Corps emblem. It was the first one I ever got on my right arm. I got it so that I wouldn’t be scared later in life to you know cover my whole skin, cuz that was my intention right from the beginning. It actually saved my right arm. When I was hurt and got taken to the hospital in Afghanistan the doctor or surgeon was a Marine. When he saw the tattoo it had big ol cuts and shit and was all messed up, but he saw the tattoo and was all “Dude we could totally save this” so they stretched my skin. They pulled and stretched and put these huge staples. That’s why I have such a big scar that I have right now on my right arm. I had to do all kinds of physical therapy and all this crazy stuff, they said it is a miracle I have my right arm and have full motion and power in it. So I like that one because it saved my right arm.


Next I’m gonna go with early stuff  my heart that says Mom in it. That’s right on my heart. It was the first one I got ever, I was 17 and my buddy did it in a kitchen somewhere. I got it for my mom because, I love my mom.


And third well I gotta say the back, my back, it is intense, it is by far what I get the most compliments on. Everybody that ever sees it loves it and I love it too. The whole meaning behind it and everything, it sums me up really good.


For those who wonder what it is, it is a picture of the album cover for Dead to Fall and he has the song title Villainy and Virtue at the top. It took about 40 hours to do. He explains what it means to him.

The words are Villainy and Virtue and what that means to me is, it’s like the good and evil inside of us, inside of myself. The bad guy inside of you is always fighting the good guy inside of you and you have to realize that. And when you do bad things your inner demon is fighting with the angels or saints or whatever. So the reason I have it is well, for one thing, I wanted a huge fucking back piece and it looks amazing; another thing is to you know, keep myself in check, make sure that I know that the good and bad will be fighting but that I need to not let the bad win. To not do evil bad shit but do good shit.

What made you choose to join the BEST branch of the Military? (for those who don’t know it is the Marine Corps! my hot ass husband is one also! 🙂 )

It was never even a question for me, once I decided I wanted to join the military in general at 18. I instantly just  knew the Marine Corps was the hardest and the best and I wanted to do it.

What is the best advice your momma has given to you?

Stay humble. To always look at the first step first, to keep your eye on the prize. So keep your eye on the prize but that first step is first so you got to start somewhere.

For someone who is going through a similar situation that you have been through what kind of advice would you give them? Because it can’t be easy to have gone through what you’ve been through.

There is a lot of advice I would give. That’s just the kind of person that I am. I really love to help people. But the thing that helped me the most, what I still have to constantly remind myself is what someone had told me once. No man can stop time and it will get better with time. How I took it was, just stay the course and to keep your shit in perspective.

If you see a girl across a room and you want to get her attention what do you do? 

Throw my prosthetic foot at her and then hop over on my good foot and ask if anybody has seen a leg anywhere that I can borrow. — (I could not stop laughing at this one!)

Favorite Sports team?

I am an athlete and I love athletes, so I love Tom Brady.

Favorite Movie?

Step Brothers or back in the day Rock Star with Marky Mark. Remember him? Marky Mark Wahlburg sorry. — (did he really just ask if I remember Marky Mark?? I mean REALLY??)

Favorite Band/Musician?

Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. Look it up. Google Keith and Jordan Buckley and you’ll see what I’m talkin about. Sexyness

Favorite Junk Food?

Dark Chocolate…not mucky fuck that shit (meow) (yes he meowed at me lol and said that mucky is milk chocolate haha since I had no clue what the hell he was talking about)

Okay why get Void over the name and not just do a cover up piece type of thing?

I wanted it to be a message to her. A cover-up wasn’t blatant enough. But Void I thought would be ironic and kind of like a ‘Take That’


How the hell do you come up with some of the ones you have, like I’m with stupid on your foot? I don’t think I have ever seen so many tattoo’s that make me laugh. Well that one and the ‘Don’t Laugh’ one. I am assuming you have a great sense of humor which from what I can tell, you do! I would think it helps you get through hard times too. A lot of people like them though, as I am sure you know. 🙂

I decided a while ago to start getting ironic and funny tattoos  Made me laugh. And a lot of the time it had to do with my dick or my foot, my fake foot, cuz well I don’t know, you got to make humor out of that I guess.


If you could have a super power what would it be? 

It would be to speed up time, so I could get this fuckin intervew over with faster.

(laughing) Okay buttmunch you want me to narrow it down to 3-4 more questions I can if that will make you happy princess?

Yeah, what are they? Go.

What is your biggest turn on/off in a female?

Brains. Its a turn off if they don’t have any and its a turn on if they have them. Yeah.

What would be your dream job?

To be a model, a working model. To stay busy and get paid just for looking pretty. — (sure many would agree you are on to somethin.)

My favorite one

If you had to pick one picture that you have posted on facebook or instagram which would you pick that best depicts who you are as a person?

The one where I am picking my nose. Because I really do that actually. Not even kidding, I have a problem. I get nose bleeds.

Diggin for gold

And last but not lease what is your favorite book? 

Everything by Chuck Palahniuk –(he wrote Fight Club and others here is a list from his website)

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, life, scheduled everything for appeasing little ol me, before you get all famous and everyone else wants a piece of you. You have made me laugh a lot and it has been fun getting to know you!

Thank you ma’am I’ve had a fuckin ball makin you laugh you son of a gun. –(there he goes with the ma’am crap again! haha)


Review – Nobody’s Perfect by Kallypso Masters

Book: Nobody’s Perfect

Author: Kallypso Masters

Series: Rescue Me 4

<– *click on cover to go to amazon link*



Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter’s safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club’s favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he’s come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?

My Thoughts:

I was so excited when this one came out I was lucky enough to just start the series a few months back so I didn’t have much of a wait like some people did. I know that in the Authors life there were things (like with anyone’s life) that came up and well just got in the way. I understand that people want what they want and they want it when it is told to them it will be there but life does not work that way. That being said I enjoyed this story very much I am not one of those people who have been through what Savi has but it still touched me in a way that I was able to understand how triggers work with some people. My husband when he got back from Iraq had a few of those triggers that would just take him back to that time and place. I absolutely LOVE the way that Damian worked with Savi, how he was able to just help her with everything.

“His scars were more visible, but mental scars would be a lot more painful than any physical ones.”

There were a few parts that were just hard to read because no one wants to believe that there are monsters like Savi’s father and Lyle out there. I have a daughter and I would go crazy if something like that happened. My heart hurt for Savi and all she had gone thorough growing up. Damian is so sweet and tender with her, but at the same time so possessive and all alpha and domineering. Everything a girl could ever wish for. 🙂

And one of my absolute favorite things he says to Savannah and made me fall even more in love with him.

“Those are my stretch marks-from my baby-and they’re the most beautiful marks I’ll ever put on you”

Reading more about the SM lifestyle helps my understanding as to why people want to hurt themselves I never understood I just figured it was a psychological issue but it is much more then just that. After reading a couple of books one that is about a SM relationship and one that has introduced it in a book as one of the characters is a sadist it just makes me see things differently and as Tymber Dalton and Cherise Sinclair, Kally has done a great job explaining how pain can help many who numb themselves to try and forget everything and anything that has brought on the issues that have hurt and in their mind ruined them. One of the best scenes is with Damian and Patty it helps to explain in such a way that if you didn’t understand the SM relationship you can’t NOT read that part and not get some type of understanding how it works and why it works.

This was such a great story on how two “broken” people who love eachother can help eachother overcome horrible things that have happened in their pasts. How patiance, understanding, communication and trust work out for the best in some situations. I can not wait to see more of them in the other books as the time goes by.

Then the twist …Marc and Angel… So before the book had come out I was trying to understand why Kally was posting on facebook about another something for Marc and Angel I figured we would get their HEA worked into one of the other books since there was quite a bit going on in their book and they had just gotten to know each other and she didn’t write it as if years had gone by and gave an epilogue with their HEA years later and to be honest I am happy she didn’t. I enjoy reading the unrealistic aspect of a love story but at the same time in this series it can be very realistic. And i love how it all flows well together with little time laps. Two people who just meet and are getting to know each other don’t usually profess love in a few months and get married and live happily ever after (but yes it does happen from time to time). So I do enjoy knowing that these characters are kind of real. Adam and Karla have a long history and well Damian and Savannah share a daughter and a night neither one of them can forget about, so there will be a connection between them. I can not wait to read the story for Marc and Angel. It was driving me kind of crazy not knowing what was going on with them while I was reading this story. But as you read there are hints of some things and it made me want to scream “okay Kally what are you up to now?” She
has said she is doing their story to take place during the same time as this book but she didn’t want to have their story take over Damian and Savannah’s story. I am glad that she did this because I have read books that have made that mistake and I have been left feeling like I didn’t get the closure I was hoping for on one couple or the other or feel like there are so many un-answered questions because it went so back and forth.

I am looking forward to all the stories to come that have to do with this series. Kally has said that:

Sombody’s Angel – (Marc and Angel)

“continuation of Marc and Angelina’s story in Nobody’s Angel. The storyline for the book will parallel the one in Nobody’s Perfect. (rest assured that Adam knows, though, and will play a role in Marc’s story)”

Nobody’s Dream – (Luke and Cassie’s Story)

Nobody’s Home – (Mistress Grant and Liam’s Story) à I am looking forward to this one! I have not read many femdom/domme books and I cant wait to see how this one plays out!!

Kally also says that:

“There will be others for years to come if they keep showing up at the club or in these people’s lives”

She is also working on getting the first three books in the series to printing by the end of the year with Amazon and possibly other book sellers.

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So I am currently reading book one of Master of the Mountain Series by Cherise Sinclair and ohhh how I LOVE her writing!! She makes the PERFECT Dom’s!! 🙂

Once I finish up I will be starting Tina Reber’s new release.. I am so excited for this one it was the first series that I read that was about a famous person and I fell in love! I can NOT wait to see where the story goes from where the first leaves off.

Then back to my BDSM books.. 🙂 I have been waiting for this one by Kallypso Masters I have a feeling I am going to be needing some tissues for Damian and Savi’s Story. But I am SO looking forward to it!

And of course to  end my GREAT line up of books that have been recently released I will save what I KNOW will be full of laughs

I am going to be BUSY with reading as always I wish I had more hours in a day and nothing to do other then sit and read BUT I have a family that I have to tend to from time to time. haha I am so excited! I LOVE a new release!!! soooo here I go…..


These are all unedited of course… And I am SOO excited and can not wait for this one to come out.
You can find all these on her blog.
“For my excerpt, I take you to the opening pages of this book (#4 in the Rescue Me series). This is a few days before the scene in the epilogue of Nobody’s Hero.”
Savi circled another job listing in the classifieds as Christmas music played in the background. Office clerk. All her years of college and clinicals, she had finally achieved her dream of working as a social worker with young abuse victims. That work had ended abruptly three weeks ago. She needed to find a way to support her daughter and herself until her supervisor could fight Savi’s recent firing with the higher-ups in the state’s department of mental health services. Unraveling bureaucracy took time. She didn’t have time.
Savi opened her laptop mini to update her résumé and do a cover letter, hoping to make it through several more letters before Mari got home from practicing for the children’s pageant at church.
The doorbell interrupted her work some unknown amount of time later. She looked at the clock on her desk. Too early for Mari to be dropped off—unless something had happened. Heart hammering against her chest, Savi nearly ran to the front door and opened it, expecting to see one of the youth leaders from the church group.
Bile rose in her throat and she moved to slam the door again. Stupid. Why hadn’t she looked through the peephole first? He wedged his foot into the doorway, keeping her from closing the door in his face.
“What kind of greeting is that for an old friend, Savannah?”
Not a friend. Enemy. She gasped to fill her lungs with much-needed air. Dangerous. She needed to get rid of him before Mari came home.
“What do you want, Lyle?”
“Invite me inside and we’ll talk.”
“You’re not coming in. Now leave before I call the police.”
He narrowed his eyes and Savi felt the familiar ligatures of fear circling her neck. Vile man. Could she fight him off?
“Let me in, Savannah, or you and your little girl will regret your misplaced bravery.”
Marisol. Did he know where she was? Oh, God, she prayed. Don’t let Mari come home early. She needed to get rid of Lyle. Now.
“Just state your business. I’m not letting you inside my…”
Without warning, Lyle leaned back then his body slammed against the door sending the edge of the wood into Savi’s eye and cheekbone, hurtling her backward until she lay sprawled on the floor staring at his navy-blue dress pants and wingtip shoes. She shuddered as a memory enveloped her. Looking up at the angry man in the three-piece suit towering over her, she realized he didn’t even muss a hair on his blond head.
“Ah, just where a slut like you needs to be, Savannah. At my feet. Now let’s see if we can hear you scream the way you used to for me.”
No! Memories of the degrading things he’d subjected her to at her father’s orders, including a most shameful mark she could never erase, she turned over and got on all fours as she scrambled away. Just when she’d thought she was far enough away to stand up and set her feet to defend herself, Lyle’s wingtip gouged into her side. The air whooshed from her lungs and she gasped to try and recover her breath.
“Your father asked me to bring you and his granddaughter to him. But I thought perhaps we would enjoy a little playtime first. For old time’s sake. What your father doesn’t know…”
Another blow struck her side near the same place and panic set in as her breathing became labored.
Maman, help me. Give me the strength to fight him off.
Savi pulled herself up using the hallway table and tried to regulate her breathing again. She turned to find Lyle smirking at her. Bastard. Picking up a brass candlestick from the table, she didn’t hesitate as she swung it at his head, striking a blow she hoped had left him stunned. Not waiting for him to recover, she followed up by kicking him in the groin. He doubled over and fell to the floor. As he lay moaning, holding his privates as his head bled on her hardwood floor, she remembered the lessons in cutting off the blood flow to the brain that she’d learned from a veteran Marine who had studied with her in college. She cringed as she touched his neck, hating to place her hands anywhere on him, but finally found the point she sought in his neck and pressed—hard. She counted. By thirty seconds, Lyle’s body grew even more limp. She didn’t wait around to see how long he’d be out.
Running to the bedroom, she pulled out a suitcase to throw a few clothes into it, but when she tried to lift it, her breathing became constricted again, forcing her to leave it on the floor near the closet. After she filled half of it, she wheeled it to Mari’s room and threw in some of her daughter’s things, then zipped it up and wheeled it to the kitchen. After grabbing her purse and keys, she stumbled out the back door.
A black BMW sat parked behind her little blue Nissan. She glanced back at her bungalow. Home, but no longer her safe place.
No sign of Lyle yet, but she knew he wouldn’t be unconscious forever. She fought to control her breathing again, but refused to escape into her head to dull the pain. Taking as deep a breath as she could and holding it, she swung the suitcase into the trunk and slammed the lid down. Oh dear Lord. She couldn’t breathe! She pressed her arm against her chest and the place where Lyle had kicked her repeatedly as she opened the door, got behind the steering wheel, and turned the key in the ignition. She couldn’t zone out now. She needed to get to San Miguel’s…to Mari.
Then what?

“because everyone’s awaiting Nobody’s Perfect (due out in August), I thought I’d share a brief new scene from that book that involves Luke. This is a Christmas Day scene and we’re in Damian’s point of view. He thinks he can keep Savi and Marisol in the kitchen and private living quarters of the house on this day, so there shouldn’t be a problem.
Then he notices something that surprises him…..”


Damián pulled in next to Luke’s new gray Dodge pick-up truck in the driveway. Judging by the amount of mud on the fenders, he’d been off-road somewhere this morning because it hadn’t looked like that last night when Luke had delivered the dollhouse. Marc’s friend and SAR partner was becoming a regular at the club. Of course, they’d all worked together a few years ago trying to get the club ready. The man was a helluva carpenter, but his work creating the beautiful equipment in the club was his real gift. Lately, Damián  had been training the “baby Dom,” as Marc liked to call him, to wield a bullwhip. The man had finesse with butterfly kisses and Damián doubted he’d want to go any harder on a sub or bottom—not for a while, at least. Lately, the newest Dom at the club seemed more interested in learning rope bondage from Dad.

Damián wondered how Adam and Karla were getting along on their honeymoon. It was hard to believe the wedding had only been a couple weeks ago, given all that had happened since then.
Savi and Marisol had happened. His life would never be the same again. He opened the back door of the Nissan and helped unbuckle Marisol while Savi eased out of the passenger side. She still moved stiffly, favoring her healing rib, but Marc assured him it was just going to take time. There was nothing much they could do. He hated feeling so fucking helpless.
He motioned for them to precede him onto the porch. He didn’t expect anyone but Grant and Luke to show up today. He’d told them Savi had no idea the building was a kink club, but they were only going to be in the private residence today, so no sense mentioning it. This was still Dad’s house, until he and Karla found a new place.
Normally Damián would be in California for Christmas, but he couldn’t leave Savi and Marisol—and sure as hell wasn’t going to take them back there. Good thing he’d been able to give his sister Rosa the presents he’d bought and made. They’d left a few days after Savi showed up. He would give them a call later today to see how their day went. He felt torn between two families now. But Rosa and Teresa were healing and Savi and Marisol needed him more now.
He braced himself before opening the screen door. Savi would probably roast his nuts if she knew what went on in parts of the house. But it was also Dad’s home, at least until he and Karla found a more appropriate place to raise a kid.
Savi took the screen door as Damián pushed the inner door into the kitchen and was hit in the face with a number of smells.
Italian seasonings. Ham. Cinnamon.
Whoa! Mierda. He didn’t realize people could smell the club’s leather all the way out here in the kitchen. Not to mention a little sweat. He’d never noticed it before, but was probably just used to it. He looked down at Savi and saw her cute little nose scrunching up as she appeared to sniff out the unexpected scent as well.
The confusion on her face was evident. “Adam and Karla’s is someone’s home?”
Either she hadn’t noticed the leather, or was too polite to point it out. “Yeah. This is my adopted dad’s place—Adam Montague. Do you remember meeting him and his new wife, Karla, at Rosa’s house?”
“They were married the day you…arrived. They’re on their honeymoon right now. Angelina offered to prepare dinner for me and some of…Dad’s friends so we wouldn’t have to fend for ourselves this Christmas.”
Damián looked down at Marisol and back at Savi. “Now you’re included. I know he’ll love seeing you again, Savi, when he gets back next week.”
“Maman, why does it smell like horses here?”
“Shhh, Mari,” she whispered, bending down to Marisol. “That’s not polite.” Still, Damián hadn’t missed the question in Savi’s eyes.
Okay. How to explain this?
“Hope I didn’t smell the place up too badly.” Luke came down the hall drying his hair with a towel. He wore a western-cut plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. “Been on a horse all morning and didn’t have a chance to change at the SAR barn, so I just came over here and took advantage of the facilities.”
Horse leather. Damián grinned, relaxing his guard a bit.
Marisol leaned a little closer to Damián’s leg, reminding him that introductions were in order. “Savi and Marisol Baker, I’d like you to meet Luke Denton. He’s a…friend of mine. He does search-and-rescue with Marc.”
Luke shook Savi’s hand, smiling, then hunkered down to Marisol’s level and extended his hand to her, as well. “Hello, darlin’. You’re cute as a button.”
Marisol still wasn’t sure about this strange man—good girl. Damián put a protective hand on his little doll’s shoulder to reassure her that she was safe. She released her grip on his leg, not as scared, and drew herself up a little taller.
“Buttons aren’t cute.”
“Hmmm. Well, maybe that’s true.” He grinned. “But you sure are. Pleased to meet you, Marisol.”
Luke waited for her to become comfortable enough to make the next move. Damián’s thumb stroked her shoulder and she stretched her tiny hand out to be swallowed up in Luke’s much bigger one.
“This is my upcoming (due to be released later this summer) Nobody’s
Perfect (Rescue Me #4), which continues the story of Damian Orlando, an

amputee from Iraq, and Savannah/Savi, the woman he dreamt about for eight long
years, who suddenly showed up on his doorstep in need of his help. In this scene,
he prepares to reveal his amputation to Savi.”
She held her breath. He seemed so serious, his jaw and body held rigid, guarded.
“Sit down.”
Savi looked around. The only place to sit was on the bed. That didn’t seem like a good idea.
“Sit. Down.” He pointed at the bed, clearly upset with her. She wasn’t sure why that bothered her so much. “Savi, I’m not going to…touch you. We’re just going to talk.”
Savi crossed the room and sat on the same side of the bed, keeping a safe distance away. She wasn’t sure what she was afraid of. Damián wouldn’t hurt her. He’d been nothing but gentle and supportive since she and Marisol had arrived here.
But he was still a man.
So, what was it he needed to tell her that made him so uncomfortable? She didn’t want to know anything bad about him.
“When I got out of Iraq, I was fucked up.”
“Damián, that’s not unusual. You saw horrific things. War is…”
He held his hand up and halted her string of supportive words. She supposed they sounded trite, but she hadn’t meant them to be.
“Don’t go into therapist mode on me, Savi.” He grinned, so maybe he wasn’t upset with her for naturally trying to put him at ease. He was such a gentle soul. Last night, when Marisol had surprised him with the cake, he’d had unshed tears in his eyes. Processing the horrors of war would be difficult for someone who was much better at making love than war.
Don’t think about making love with him. That would never happen again.
His grin faded and he ran his fingers through his hair, pulling it back from his face. She wondered why he didn’t have it tied back. She didn’t see it loose like this except when he got up in the morning.
“I fucked up a mission.”
Savi’s heart went out to him. She knew how hard it was for Marine to fail on a mission.
“We lost our sergeant because I couldn’t act fast enough…”
“Damián, you can’t blame yourself for…”
He glared at her. “Hear me out. This is hard enough to admit as it is.”
“I’m sorry. Go on.”
“I still have nightmares about it, especially around my Alive Day.”
“Alive Day?”
He looked down at his feet. “That’s the day I should have died, too. But I surv…I didn’t die.”
Savi knew not to interrupt anymore. He needed to talk and she needed to just listen. His body was held so stiffly, he barely breathed. She waited. After several moments, he continued.
“A grenade came over onto the roof where we’d held our position all day. I saw the damned thing, but I froze until it was too late to get away. When it went off, Sergeant Miller was killed. He…” Damián’s breathing became rapid and she scooted closer to him on the bed, laying her hand on his thigh. She squeezed, hoping to help him focus on the present and not get lost in the memories. He placed his hand over hers and squeezed her back as if she were a lifeline.
“He died on top of me.”
“Oh, God, Damián. I’m so sorry!” Savi shuddered as she thought about how that must have felt for him. Thoughts of having a weight like that on her caused beads of sweat to break out on her upper lip. But that was different. What Damián had been through was even more horrific.
“I’ll never block out that image as long as I live. I could have saved him, but I…froze.”
Hearing him take the blame for something beyond his control broke her heart. Not unusual for those in combat situations, though. They were trained to watch out for each other. Nothing she could say would help assuage his guilt that a member of his unit was killed, even if she could come up with the words to say. She just squeezed his thigh again, knowing there probably was more to come. She braced herself mentally.
“I came to in a military hospital in Germany. When I realized what I’d lost, I didn’t want to go on.”
“Lost?” Instantly, she knew he wasn’t talking about his sergeant now.
He avoided making eye contact with her, but nodded, his gaze remaining on his feet. Oh, God, no! It became clear to her why she’d seen him limping so many times. She looked down at his feet. For the first time, she realized she’d never seen him without his shoes or boots on. Odd, considering they’d lived in such close quarters for two months.
Dread washed over her as she slid off the bed onto the floor. With shaking hands, she sat in front of his feet and reached out to touch his legs. Starting at his knees, which were flesh on solid muscle, she ran each of her hands down the backs of his legs until her left hand bumped into straps on his right leg. On the other leg she felt sinew and muscle. Unharmed.
She reached down to the hem of his jeans leg and folded up the right one. Damián reached out and stayed her hand, but she brushed him away.
“Please, Damián. I need to see what they did to you.”
His hand went to her chin and he lifted her face to his. The pain—no, the torment—there told her how hard this was for him. She needed to back off and give him time to prepare himself. This wasn’t about what she needed. She had to do what Damián needed.
His irritation showed as he leaned toward her and she tried not to let him intimidate her, but he did. “Hey, chica, you just showed up on my doorstep out of nowhere, beaten up and on the run. You’re the one who asked me for help, so don’t go getting all defensive. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell’s going on.”

He took a longer draw on his beer, draining it, and lowered the empty bottle to his crotch. She averted her attention from that part of his anatomy, reaching up to twirl her hair. A wave of discomfort crashed against her. She hadn’t been alone in a room with a man for a very long time.
“I felt safer changing my appearance.”
“Marisol’s father?”
Her hand froze on the curl as her heart thudded against her chest, robbing her of even more oxygen. Did he know? She looked up at him again, studying his face for some time. “What about him?”
“Is he the one who roughed you up and sent you running?”
He didn’t know. She relaxed into the sofa and took another swig of the soda, buying time as she tried to will her heartbeat to slow down. “No. He’s been out of my…out of the picture from day one.” She’d tried to find Damián when she’d gotten strong enough to function after Mari’s birth, but hadn’t been able to find him.
“Let me see where you’re hurt.”
She refused to make eye contact. “No. I’m fine.”
“Bullshit, chica.” When she looked up at him again, he held her gaze. “Your choice—me or my friend? Which will it be?”
Anger ripped through her again. She hadn’t come all this way to have him expose her to her father’s hound dogs by leaving a paper trail, which is what would happen if he involved medical personnel. She glared at him for a moment, but he refused to back down. Leaning forward, wincing at the shortness of breath before she caught herself again, she laid the soda can on top of a magazine on the coffee table.
She sat back against the sofa. “It’s nothing. Really. Just a bruise.”
“I’ll be the judge of that. I have some…expertise with bruising. Remove your jacket.”
She continued to wage a silent battle of wills with him, but after a few moments decided they needed to get beyond this or she’d never get anywhere with getting him to help them. She raised a shaking hand to loosen the belt of her jacket, then tried to control the shaking in her hands as she reached up to undo the top button.
“I haven’t ever hurt you, Savannah. Have I?”
Savi remembered those first few years when she’d fantasized about Damián coming to rescue her. Fantasies of his being a daddy to Marisol. Before she’d shut down emotionally. Still, she’d wanted him to look for her. He’d broken her heart by not doing so.
Don’t be ridiculous, Savi. He wouldn’t have come looking for you. He’d have looked for Savannah Gentry. And she was dead.
Choosing not to answer the question, she finished unbuttoning the jacket and peeled it off, then leaned against the back of the sofa and pulled the tail of her shirt loose from her slacks. His gaze went to her abdomen and she saw a flash of rage cross his face as his mouth tightened.
“Lie down.”
His words sounded angry and she felt fear clawing at her throat again. She wouldn’t let herself be placed in such a vulnerable position with him. “No.” She took a deep breath and stood up, wincing as the movement robbed her of breath. “I’d rather stand.”
He stood as well and leaned closer to her, reaching out his hand. She gasped even before he touched her. When he gingerly touched the bruised area on her left ribcage, below her breast, she held her breath and tried not to move. After a moment he pulled away.
“I need to ask Doc what to do.”
Didn’t doctors have to make reports of violent acts to the authorities? She couldn’t risk seeing a doctor. But he didn’t wait for her to express an opinion as he pulled out his phone and pressed a button. After a moment, someone must have answered
“Sorry to wake you, man, but I need your help.” He paused and glanced at Savi. “A friend of mine has been in…some kind of fight and she has some bruising over her ribs.” He seemed exasperated by the other person’s response and wondered what he’d said “Man, this is serious. It’s not from impact play.”
How could violent impacts against someone’s body be considered play?
“She’s been punched by a fist, it looks like. Under her breast. Where the ribs are. The bruises are still dark in color. Happened at least two days ago.” He looked to her for confirmation and she nodded and held up two fingers. The man apparently did know his bruising. How did someone who wasn’t in the medical field become an expert on bruising?
He listened a moment, then shook his head. “Can’t do that.”
Do what?
“What’s plan B? What can I do?” Once more, he listened. Savi could hear a garbled voice coming through the phone, but couldn’t make out any of the words. After a long while, he said “Hold on” and lowered the phone to the coffee table. Damián looked at her. “Take some deep breaths. Really fill your lungs.”
Lost in his gaze, she did as he told her, then caught her breath and winced again. She’d forgotten to be careful how she breathed. He picked up the phone again and said, “Might be a problem with her breathing, Doc.”
Refusing to appear injured, Savi stood taller. “No, there isn’t. I’m fine”
Damián glared at her until she heard the voice coming through the phone again.
“Shoot.” He listened to his friend’s instructions. “I didn’t take anatomy, Doc.”
What had he asked? Damián’s gaze went to her breasts and she grew uncomfortable. Don’t look at me like I’m a dirty slut.
“Be right back.” Damián laid the phone on the coffee table and moved closer to Savi, and she fought the impulse to turn and run. “I need to check for a broken rib. Just try and relax.”
Now she did take a step back. No effing way.
“Hold still, querida.” He maintained eye contact with her, but rather than calm her, she felt the need to escape; to go to her safe place.
Savannah ran along the beach, ignoring the broken shells that cut into the bare soles of her feet. Where were her flip-flops?
The cave. She’d left them at the cave. She needed to get back there. After climbing over the sharp rocks, she walked into the opening of the cave, then halted. Instead of her mother, she found Damián leaning against the wall of the cave. No! Where was maman?
Then she remembered how safe she’d felt with him here once upon a time. A very long time ago.
“Savi? Look at me.”
She blinked and found herself transported instantly back into Damián’s living room. She stared at him.
“Where’d you go?”
My cave. Wait! He couldn’t know about that. “Go? I didn’t go anywhere. Just check for the broken rib and get it over with.”
Damián placed his left hand in the middle of her back and she jumped.
“Wait! I’m not ready yet.”
“You don’t have to get ready for anything. Just look at me, querida.”
No! Not yet! She tried to convey her fear with her eyes, but he ignored her.
“Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”
She couldn’t do this. Her breathing became shallow, rapid. She tried to force herself to release the tension in her shoulders and neck. I can’t do this!
“That’s it.”
His words had a slight calming effect on her until he placed his right hand against her chest again. Her breathing became shallow and she felt her heart beat wildly. She drew another breath, sharper this time.
“Just relax. I’m going to press here, but tell me if it starts to hurt.”
He applied an incredible amount of pressure against her chest wall and she cried out in pain. Oh dear Lord, it hurt. She’d always been able to block out pain. Why hadn’t she been able to go to her cave? He abruptly let go of her and gave her a look as if she’d just landed on earth from outer space. He reached for the cell phone and picked it up.
“Doc? You still there?”
His tone conveyed he wasn’t pleased with her. What had she done wrong? She’d tried not to scream in pain.
Only dirty sluts scream, Savannah.
She should have been able to take the pain without screaming. He wouldn’t want to help her if she screamed like that again. If he knew what she was…control yourself, Savan…Savi. I’m Savi!
Damián sighed. “We have a couple problems with that. One is that we need a babysitter.”
She hadn’t been a blonde in eight years. “None of your business.”
His irritation showed as he leaned toward her and she tried not to let him intimidate her, but he did.
“Hey, chica, you just showed up on my doorstep out of nowhere, beaten up and on the run. You’re the one who asked me for help, so don’t go getting all defensive. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell’s going on.”


I went to her blog and she has posted some pictures with the names of the people that she used to inspire the characters in her Masters at Arms series. I LOVE IT!!! my all time favorite thing in the world is getting a GREAT series then finding out that the author has posted pictures of their inspiration. I have added a couple of pictures of each character except for Luke and Cassie.. because well they were the only ones that she had and they are not famous people. 🙂

She has also added other photos of things within the books about the characters… I found them on her Facebook page.

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Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters

Oh how I love a man in uniform and a Marine of all! My husband was a Marine for 8 years so I have a soft spot in my heart for them. 😉 but then add some BDSM to the mix and you got a GREAT set of books!!! The books are great and I love everything about them. They touch on a lot of different subjects there is the loss of a family member to an accident and to the war in Iraq; along with the loss of a spouse due to cancer. There is also incest and rape with father/daughter relationship. I understand that it is a hard topic for some to read. I know on one issue in the 3rd book it doesn’t go into detail on what had happened with one part but the 4th book is not out just yet so I am not sure how much in detail it will get into. But I do HOPE that does not cause people to not bother trying to get into the series it is a GREAT series!

A group of guys in the Marine Corps (one is a Corpsman so Navy but put in with the Marines as the Doc) get close and decide to open up a kink club together. Adam retires from the Marine Corps and Damian and Marc are medically discharged. So they go to Colorado and open up this club together. And oh what fun it is to read about their experiances!

1) Masters at Arms (prequal to the series intro to the characters and a little back story and how they get together)

2) Nobody’s Angel (Marc’s Story)

3) Nobody’s Hero (Adam’s Story)

4) Nobody’s Perfect (Damian’s Story)

5) Somebody’s Angel (Continuation on Marc)

6) Nobody’s Dream (Luke’s Story TBA)

7) Nobody’s Home (Grant’s Story TBA)

You can follow her here on her:

Website    ~    Facebook    ~    Twitter

You can see the characters acording to the author here

My Thoughts On:

Masters at Arms

Nobody’s Angel

Nobody’s Hero

Nobody’s Perfect