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Review ~ Guarding Hope by Ann Mayburn


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Title: Guarding Hope

Author: Ann Mayburn

Series: Contego Agency #1


10 synopsis

War hero Daniel Escobar has left behind his career as a Marine and now works for the Contego Agency, Detroit’s premier personal protection firm. Unfortunately his heroic actions on the battlefield cost him not only part of his sight, but also his peace of mind. Haunted by regrets of the past, Daniel finds a new purpose in life when he is given the job of protecting Hope, the only woman he’s ever truly loved, from the mob.

Hope Walker can’t believe it when she finds Daniel, her first love, working at the Contego Agency. She’s searched for him for years, wanting to know why he left her after that terrible night their senior year in high school when a fight with his mother’s drug dealer boyfriend left Hope in the hospital and Daniel shipped off to parts unknown by Child Protective Services. For both Daniel and Hope the old memories and emotions come rushing back, and together they will have to fight to stay alive long enough to give their love a second chance.


So I have come to the understanding that books by Ann will more than likely be some of the best ones! I enjoyed this one for so many reasons! BUT let me start by saying jarheads have a special place in my heart and I have to say that she does such an awesome job portraying their wit, and just smack talking! Having been married to a Marine I know first hand how they can be when they are together! I can honestly say that this was another good one! Don’t get me wrong she has done a great job of adding in some good steam but at the same time that isn’t what this book is all about. There is a good mix of suspense as well as heartache.

I love that you are able to get a connection to almost everyone instantly! Before we get to even meet Hope I already loved all the guys Daniel was with at the bar at the beginning. I found myself reading and not wanting to put it down. I just wanted more, and for me that means something because I have read other books that have to do with Marines and it turns me off because I don’t feel like they are portrayed in the way I know them to be. It is honestly hard for me to love a book that doesn’t do them justice. Yes they are awesome guys who defend our country and work their asses off, their families sit at home worry and pray that they are safe any time they are away. So I know all that and how it works BUT what people have a hard time getting across…That would be the camaraderie, how they are when they are all together!

As I read I had many different emotions. I laughed more times than not when the guys were together. I hurt and even teared up at a few points. But for me I think what I enjoyed was the suspense of the storyline. I couldn’t imagine having to be living in fear that something horrible would or could happen because of trying to do something good for another person.

There is so much to love about this book.  The only thing that I wish we got more of was the issue as to why they had their “falling out”. It is brought up and we get the gist of it all but I kind of wish we would have gotten more of Hope’s dad. Him and Daniel having a face to face moment maybe. To be honest I had thought that some of the reason that her dad didn’t like him was because he wasn’t African-American. But that wasn’t it at all.

I know some people enjoy reading books that have interracial couples, but for me this was like any other book as far as race goes. It wasn’t an issue, I forgot at times that she was African-American and he wasn’t, until there would be an explanation on how her body looked or whatnot. I kind of wish there was something a little more on that aspect. I know I love reading about a Latina heroine because of language used or mannerisms that just remind me of things I did growing up or things my mom did. So that would be the one and only thing that I can think of that I wish we would have gotten just a little piece of. I mean I would say I am well versed and can carry myself as a lady if need be but piss me off and you can watch the ghetto in me come out. 🙂 In this story there was a moment that I thought for sure she is going to lose it and let that inner “bitch” out. But she really didn’t. (not when I thought for sure she would) And it may be because she was raised better than that 😉 but I think we all have it in us.

Overall it was a great start to what I am sure will be a good series. I am looking forward to getting more of these guys!


Review ~ Still by Ann Mayburn


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Book: Still

Author: Ann Mayburn

Series: Long Slow Tease #1



Dr. Michelle Sapphire and Gunnery Sargent Wyatt Callahan formed an unbreakable bond and an unacknowledged, forbidden attraction to each other while serving together in Afghanistan. Their lives are forever changed when a mortar attack grievously wounds Wyatt and Michelle brings him back from the brink of death. But when they both return to the civilian world, Michelle discovers that her rock-solid Marine is suffering from severe PTSD and may even be suicidal.

Wyatt Callahan fell hard for the aristocratic blonde doctor the moment he laid eyes on her. After reentering civilian life in his hometown near Austin, Texas, Wyatt is plagued by nightmares of the death and suffering he witnessed during the war. He’d love to reach out to Michelle, but — Michelle is a Dominatrix, and she has made it very clear to Wyatt she isn’t interested in a relationship with anyone who doesn’t accept her lifestyle. An Alpha male to the core, he can’t imagine the appeal of being submissive. At the same time, the idea of serving Michelle, of being everything she wants and needs, rings true in his wounded soul.

Michelle has dark secrets of her own, and together with Wyatt she will have to battle her personal demons during their emotional journey of healing, redemption, and love.


This one was good!! I have a special place in my heart for any book that is military based and when the hero is a Marine forget it! My husband was in the Marine Corps for 8 years and when they are dead on with the way the guys talk it makes me smile! 🙂

I loved it right from the get go! I wanted more and more and more! This is the first book that I read that is femdom that was longer than a short story. I have not read many of them. I am glad I was able to read this one because it does a GREAT job of explaining why women like to take on that role. It wasn’t too extreme and I loved that about it. The other one that I had read didn’t get much into the back story of the woman,or the couple,but this one did. I liked seeing how she was before they got into that role with each other and seeing him fight everything in him to submit, well that was just fun!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this one so I was thinking that maybe it would be more along the lines of a  ‘hard’ type of read. One that I would love either way but still a dominatrix who would be as hard on her sub as some of the book I have read with the Dom on his sub.  I was pleasantly surprised when we got to see the softer side of Michelle though. I enjoyed seeing the two sides to her, and him as well. He hit it on the nail when he was talking about how he would NOT be her submissive out in public, if he would have been okay with that I would have automatically disliked it. I could not see him being submissive outside of play. The way Wyatt was portrayed from the get go was not a submissive. I got to the ending way too fast. It wasn’t a long read only about 135 pages or so and so it didn’t take long to get through it, but when I got to the ending I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted more. I was happy to read at the ending she put an excerpt in for book 2. I will be reading the next one for sure.

It is funny that in all of it one of the things I couldn’t wait to read more about was the dogs. lol I wanted to know what happened with them. That for some reason was some of the best parts for me. It is a small part but I enjoyed it very much. I am not sure what drew me to that part. Maybe because I LOVE dogs specially protective ones. So that was fun for me.

This book had it all for me it wasn’t too over the top because I am a huge fan of Dom/Sub reads and mostly read male dom female sub. But I liked that I didn’t feel as if it was not realistic for me. I know that there are people who live the lifestyle that are more ‘hardcore’ into it and I have read some that have that aspect. But since this was only the second one I have read with a domme I will say that I look forward to reading more of these types of books. There was a more emotional aspect to it and I loved that, too. Usually it is the sub that shows more emotion than the dom/domme so like I had said I enjoyed seeing her as more of a girl than a domme at some points in the book.

Can’t wait for the next one to come out! 🙂

~Favorite quotes~

“Callahan, right now you’re not dragging that cross, you’re nailed to it.”

“She liked a man with some steel in his spine, a warrior who would bow to no on but her.”

“You give a man one good, toe-curling, I-rocked-your-fucking-world blow job and he’ll never leave you.”

“Sometimes I even like a man to take charge, but very rarely. I don’t fit into any category and I don’t want to. I am who I am and I refuse to be unhappy because people don’t like things they can’t understand. I’m not weird or a freak and I can make regular vanilla love and enjoy the hell out of it with the right man.”

“Because I could save someone else’s Owen.”


Q & A with Marine/Model Alex Minsky

Okay this is not my normal book post BUT it does still have something to do with books (for the most part… ok not completely) In one of the book groups I am a part of, someone posted a picture of Alex Minsky the one below to be exact. She had posted that his name is Alex Minsky and he was a Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan. The minute I read that and saw the picture he immediately became a character from one of the books I have read. (yes, I know, for anyone who is not a bookworm like myself this will come across a little strange. But for those who love books the way I do you will understand what I mean haha) For anyone who has read the Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters know exactly who I am talking about. Damian!!! For those who have NOT read the series and would like a book about hot Marines with BDSM mixed in for good measure it is a must read! The first book (which is a prequel to the series, so it gives you the back story for the three guys) is free right now on Amazon so go get it! I also told the author about him and she said she would provide an e-copy of Nobody’s Perfect (the book that is about Damian)  for a giveaway; since he has quickly become what some of us see when we think of Damian.

For those who would like to enter for your chance to win an e-copy of Kallypso Masters Nobody’s Perfect you can enter HERE. (contest is now over)


 I sent Alex a message and asked if he wouldn’t mind answering some questions for me and he agreed. He is one of the funniest people I have had the opportunities to get to know and has the best sense of humor! He is very sweet when he wants to be I am sure, (I wouldnt know or anything) but he is also a smart-ass which means we got along just fine. I don’t think he expected to become so popular with in a weeks time. So many are talking about him and sharing his FANPAGE on facebook. Many believe he is an inspiration and I would have to agree; to go through something such as he did and not give up but just kept pushing forward is something not everyone can do. He is a great guy and hopefully will soon be in magazines everywhere. It would even be awesome to see him on TV telling his story.. (ahem Ellen?!? so everyone send her an email to tell her about him! I already have!!) Email Ellen Here.

Here it is a little bit about Alex…

I went online and found a little more information about him and what had happened also how he got noticed by a photographer. This is what I found…(got to love Google)

There was a little bit about him on this site Barrier Free LivingIt explains how a photographer Tom Cullis had noticed him at his gym, and found exactly what he was looking for in Alex.

Cullis was on the hunt for a model for a RuskinAthletic gear shoot, and the creator Hubert Pouches had told Cullis he wanted imagery that revealed “the reality of life andbeauty in someone who struggles to live each day as inspiration and appreciation for life.”

The OC Register has an article that tells a little about him growing up also about his accident and military time. It has some really cute pictures of him from when he was younger as well.


Alex Minsky, was deployed to Afghanistan as a mortarman with the Marine Corps. He spent just two weeks there before the explosion rocked his vehicle. He suffered severe brain injuries, a broken jaw and other wounds to the right side of his body. Doctors amputated his right leg below the knee. As a teenage bass player, he skipped class to practice with his heavy metal band — In Her Arms — and did so badly in school that he transferred to a home-study program on the advice of administrators. Minsky, who attended Carl Hankey Elementary School and Newhart Middle School in Mission Viejo, improved his grades enough to graduate from Capistrano Valley High in 2007. Then, while working at Costco a few months later, he surprised everyone by announcing he would join the Marines. During boot camp Alex was awarded a position as guide, and led a group of 80 recruits. He graduated in three months and transferred to Camp Pendleton for weapons training. After another three months Alex was assigned to the Second Battalion, Third Marine Regiment in Hawaii, where he trained for nearly a year before being sent to Afghanistan.

And now without further ado…here is what I was able to strangle out of him…

He is 24 years old and single. (not any longer single 😉 )

Hello, it’s me your Majesty. Anyway, so, okay, yeah, I’m a little nervous (if you couldn’t tell from my rambling).. so we will start with 5 things you want everyone to know about you?

Hey Brandy whats up its Alex. Or your Majesty sorry shit. (laughing) 5 things I want people to know about me? I don’t know, ummm yeah let me kind of think about it alright.

Okay so then out of all the tattoos that you have if you had to pick 3 which 3 would be your favorites and why?

If I had to pick three? Just thinkin about it, on my right arm when I was 19 and in the Marine Corps I got the Marine Corps emblem. It was the first one I ever got on my right arm. I got it so that I wouldn’t be scared later in life to you know cover my whole skin, cuz that was my intention right from the beginning. It actually saved my right arm. When I was hurt and got taken to the hospital in Afghanistan the doctor or surgeon was a Marine. When he saw the tattoo it had big ol cuts and shit and was all messed up, but he saw the tattoo and was all “Dude we could totally save this” so they stretched my skin. They pulled and stretched and put these huge staples. That’s why I have such a big scar that I have right now on my right arm. I had to do all kinds of physical therapy and all this crazy stuff, they said it is a miracle I have my right arm and have full motion and power in it. So I like that one because it saved my right arm.


Next I’m gonna go with early stuff  my heart that says Mom in it. That’s right on my heart. It was the first one I got ever, I was 17 and my buddy did it in a kitchen somewhere. I got it for my mom because, I love my mom.


And third well I gotta say the back, my back, it is intense, it is by far what I get the most compliments on. Everybody that ever sees it loves it and I love it too. The whole meaning behind it and everything, it sums me up really good.


For those who wonder what it is, it is a picture of the album cover for Dead to Fall and he has the song title Villainy and Virtue at the top. It took about 40 hours to do. He explains what it means to him.

The words are Villainy and Virtue and what that means to me is, it’s like the good and evil inside of us, inside of myself. The bad guy inside of you is always fighting the good guy inside of you and you have to realize that. And when you do bad things your inner demon is fighting with the angels or saints or whatever. So the reason I have it is well, for one thing, I wanted a huge fucking back piece and it looks amazing; another thing is to you know, keep myself in check, make sure that I know that the good and bad will be fighting but that I need to not let the bad win. To not do evil bad shit but do good shit.

What made you choose to join the BEST branch of the Military? (for those who don’t know it is the Marine Corps! my hot ass husband is one also! 🙂 )

It was never even a question for me, once I decided I wanted to join the military in general at 18. I instantly just  knew the Marine Corps was the hardest and the best and I wanted to do it.

What is the best advice your momma has given to you?

Stay humble. To always look at the first step first, to keep your eye on the prize. So keep your eye on the prize but that first step is first so you got to start somewhere.

For someone who is going through a similar situation that you have been through what kind of advice would you give them? Because it can’t be easy to have gone through what you’ve been through.

There is a lot of advice I would give. That’s just the kind of person that I am. I really love to help people. But the thing that helped me the most, what I still have to constantly remind myself is what someone had told me once. No man can stop time and it will get better with time. How I took it was, just stay the course and to keep your shit in perspective.

If you see a girl across a room and you want to get her attention what do you do? 

Throw my prosthetic foot at her and then hop over on my good foot and ask if anybody has seen a leg anywhere that I can borrow. — (I could not stop laughing at this one!)

Favorite Sports team?

I am an athlete and I love athletes, so I love Tom Brady.

Favorite Movie?

Step Brothers or back in the day Rock Star with Marky Mark. Remember him? Marky Mark Wahlburg sorry. — (did he really just ask if I remember Marky Mark?? I mean REALLY??)

Favorite Band/Musician?

Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die. Look it up. Google Keith and Jordan Buckley and you’ll see what I’m talkin about. Sexyness

Favorite Junk Food?

Dark Chocolate…not mucky fuck that shit (meow) (yes he meowed at me lol and said that mucky is milk chocolate haha since I had no clue what the hell he was talking about)

Okay why get Void over the name and not just do a cover up piece type of thing?

I wanted it to be a message to her. A cover-up wasn’t blatant enough. But Void I thought would be ironic and kind of like a ‘Take That’


How the hell do you come up with some of the ones you have, like I’m with stupid on your foot? I don’t think I have ever seen so many tattoo’s that make me laugh. Well that one and the ‘Don’t Laugh’ one. I am assuming you have a great sense of humor which from what I can tell, you do! I would think it helps you get through hard times too. A lot of people like them though, as I am sure you know. 🙂

I decided a while ago to start getting ironic and funny tattoos  Made me laugh. And a lot of the time it had to do with my dick or my foot, my fake foot, cuz well I don’t know, you got to make humor out of that I guess.


If you could have a super power what would it be? 

It would be to speed up time, so I could get this fuckin intervew over with faster.

(laughing) Okay buttmunch you want me to narrow it down to 3-4 more questions I can if that will make you happy princess?

Yeah, what are they? Go.

What is your biggest turn on/off in a female?

Brains. Its a turn off if they don’t have any and its a turn on if they have them. Yeah.

What would be your dream job?

To be a model, a working model. To stay busy and get paid just for looking pretty. — (sure many would agree you are on to somethin.)

My favorite one

If you had to pick one picture that you have posted on facebook or instagram which would you pick that best depicts who you are as a person?

The one where I am picking my nose. Because I really do that actually. Not even kidding, I have a problem. I get nose bleeds.

Diggin for gold

And last but not lease what is your favorite book? 

Everything by Chuck Palahniuk –(he wrote Fight Club and others here is a list from his website)

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, life, scheduled everything for appeasing little ol me, before you get all famous and everyone else wants a piece of you. You have made me laugh a lot and it has been fun getting to know you!

Thank you ma’am I’ve had a fuckin ball makin you laugh you son of a gun. –(there he goes with the ma’am crap again! haha)


Review – Nobody’s Perfect by Kallypso Masters

Book: Nobody’s Perfect

Author: Kallypso Masters

Series: Rescue Me 4

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Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter’s safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club’s favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he’s come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?

My Thoughts:

I was so excited when this one came out I was lucky enough to just start the series a few months back so I didn’t have much of a wait like some people did. I know that in the Authors life there were things (like with anyone’s life) that came up and well just got in the way. I understand that people want what they want and they want it when it is told to them it will be there but life does not work that way. That being said I enjoyed this story very much I am not one of those people who have been through what Savi has but it still touched me in a way that I was able to understand how triggers work with some people. My husband when he got back from Iraq had a few of those triggers that would just take him back to that time and place. I absolutely LOVE the way that Damian worked with Savi, how he was able to just help her with everything.

“His scars were more visible, but mental scars would be a lot more painful than any physical ones.”

There were a few parts that were just hard to read because no one wants to believe that there are monsters like Savi’s father and Lyle out there. I have a daughter and I would go crazy if something like that happened. My heart hurt for Savi and all she had gone thorough growing up. Damian is so sweet and tender with her, but at the same time so possessive and all alpha and domineering. Everything a girl could ever wish for. 🙂

And one of my absolute favorite things he says to Savannah and made me fall even more in love with him.

“Those are my stretch marks-from my baby-and they’re the most beautiful marks I’ll ever put on you”

Reading more about the SM lifestyle helps my understanding as to why people want to hurt themselves I never understood I just figured it was a psychological issue but it is much more then just that. After reading a couple of books one that is about a SM relationship and one that has introduced it in a book as one of the characters is a sadist it just makes me see things differently and as Tymber Dalton and Cherise Sinclair, Kally has done a great job explaining how pain can help many who numb themselves to try and forget everything and anything that has brought on the issues that have hurt and in their mind ruined them. One of the best scenes is with Damian and Patty it helps to explain in such a way that if you didn’t understand the SM relationship you can’t NOT read that part and not get some type of understanding how it works and why it works.

This was such a great story on how two “broken” people who love eachother can help eachother overcome horrible things that have happened in their pasts. How patiance, understanding, communication and trust work out for the best in some situations. I can not wait to see more of them in the other books as the time goes by.

Then the twist …Marc and Angel… So before the book had come out I was trying to understand why Kally was posting on facebook about another something for Marc and Angel I figured we would get their HEA worked into one of the other books since there was quite a bit going on in their book and they had just gotten to know each other and she didn’t write it as if years had gone by and gave an epilogue with their HEA years later and to be honest I am happy she didn’t. I enjoy reading the unrealistic aspect of a love story but at the same time in this series it can be very realistic. And i love how it all flows well together with little time laps. Two people who just meet and are getting to know each other don’t usually profess love in a few months and get married and live happily ever after (but yes it does happen from time to time). So I do enjoy knowing that these characters are kind of real. Adam and Karla have a long history and well Damian and Savannah share a daughter and a night neither one of them can forget about, so there will be a connection between them. I can not wait to read the story for Marc and Angel. It was driving me kind of crazy not knowing what was going on with them while I was reading this story. But as you read there are hints of some things and it made me want to scream “okay Kally what are you up to now?” She
has said she is doing their story to take place during the same time as this book but she didn’t want to have their story take over Damian and Savannah’s story. I am glad that she did this because I have read books that have made that mistake and I have been left feeling like I didn’t get the closure I was hoping for on one couple or the other or feel like there are so many un-answered questions because it went so back and forth.

I am looking forward to all the stories to come that have to do with this series. Kally has said that:

Sombody’s Angel – (Marc and Angel)

“continuation of Marc and Angelina’s story in Nobody’s Angel. The storyline for the book will parallel the one in Nobody’s Perfect. (rest assured that Adam knows, though, and will play a role in Marc’s story)”

Nobody’s Dream – (Luke and Cassie’s Story)

Nobody’s Home – (Mistress Grant and Liam’s Story) à I am looking forward to this one! I have not read many femdom/domme books and I cant wait to see how this one plays out!!

Kally also says that:

“There will be others for years to come if they keep showing up at the club or in these people’s lives”

She is also working on getting the first three books in the series to printing by the end of the year with Amazon and possibly other book sellers.

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I am so excited!! It is finally here the long awaited book 4 of the Rescue Me Series!! I have been waiting and luckly I didn’t start the series until a month ago so it was not too long of a wait for me! She officially has it released but she has let everyone know that there may be some typos still and so if you are one of those people who can not stand to read a book that has some still then to wait a while because she will be checking everyone over again and correcting any issues that come up and will be updating them on the sites.

I will be starting this one TOMORROW!!! I am beyond excited. Now I just need Sam’s story in the Masters of the Shadowlands and I can be a happy girl!!!! 😉

You can get the book here on:




Review – Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters


Masters at Arms begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath–forging an unbreakable bond–will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series about the men who own the Masters at Arms BDSM Club.) AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an introduction to the series, but does NOT have the Happily Ever After endings that will come in the next three romance novels in the series. Being the back-story that usually is not told in “real time,” there are some intense themes in the book, including death of a spouse, incest, torture, a battle scene, and amputation.


I understood before I read this that it is just an intro to the series and it gives you the back story to the guys and how they all met and how they bonded and what happened in their pasts to shape who they are in their books. I fell in love the minute I read that it is BDSM as well as Marines! I mean who could go wrong with that combo? Plus my husband is a “former”(even though there is no such thing) Marine and so when there was talk about Camp Pendleton I was overjoyed I lived on base for about 5 years and it just brought back memories. I LOVE when a book can do that! I will say that I LOVED the intro’s but I also wanted the stories and I know that the author is a tad behind on the 4th book because she had said that it took her longer then she had planned since it was an intense one. I am so glad that I had book 2 as well as 3 after I read this one. I couldn’t wait to get started on it! I loved the back stories and the bantering. I miss the military lingo and the way the guys always joked around. It was so familiar and I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. I had put off reading it because there were so many other books I have been trying to get to and I am SO glad that I decided to jump in and get started on this one!