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Teasers ~ Entwined With You by Sylvia Day

So the release day has been pushed back which makes me sad BUT I have plenty of books to keep me busy! On her website she has posted Snippits from EWY here they are.


Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Teaser 1 –>

“What the hell was I supposed to do, Eva? I didn’t know you were out there.” Gideon’s voice deepened, roughened. “If I’d known, I would’ve hunted you down. I wouldn’t have waited a second to find you. But I didn’t know, and I settled for less. So did you. We both wasted ourselves on the wrong people.”

(from a conversation about past relationships)

Teaser 2 –>

Shifting carefully, I propped my head on my hand and studied the decadent man who graced my bed. His arms were wrapped around his pillow, showing off chiseled biceps and a muscular back adorned with scratches and crescent depressions from my nails. I’d gripped his ass, too, insanely turned on by the feel of it clenching and releasing as he fucked me tirelessly, stroking his long, thick cock deep inside me.

Again and again…

My legs shifted restlessly, my body stirring with renewed hunger. For all his polished urbanity, Gideon was an untamed animal inside, a raw and primal lover who bared me to the soul every time he made love to me. I had no defenses against him when he was touching me, helpless to resist the drugging pleasure of spreading my thighs for such a virile, passionate male—

His eyes opened, stunning me with those vivid blue irises. He gave me a lazily seductive perusal that made my heart skip a beat. “You’re wearing the fuck me look,” he drawled.

“You’re looking extremely fuckable,” I shot back. “Waking up to you is like… presents on Christmas morning.”

His mouth curved. “For your convenience, I’m already unwrapped. Batteries not required.”

My chest tightened with terrible yearning. I loved him too much, too. I was constantly worried that I wouldn’t be able to hold on to him. He was lightning in a bottle, a dream I tried to hold in my hands.

I let out a shaky breath. “You’re a delicious extravagance for a woman, you know. A luscious, mouthwatering—”

“Shut up.” He dragged me under him before I knew his intent. “I’m filthy rich, but you just want me for my body.”

Teaser 3 –>

Honestly, Gideon Cross had been designed to f*ck a woman right out of her mind. ~ Eva Tramell

Teaser 4 –>

He crouched in front of me, his gaze searching my face beneath a fierce scowl. “Damn it. Don’t look like that. Do you think I want to micromanage you? Especially knowing how smothered you’ve been by your mother? I know overprotectiveness is a trigger for you, but there have been extenuating circumstances. Give me credit for trying to find a balance between your independence and keeping you safe.”

Wow. Hindsight didn’t just make things crystal clear; it smacked me upside the head and knocked some sense into me. “I get it.”

“I don’t think you do. This” –he gestured impatiently at himself– “is just a fucking shell. You’re what drives me, Eva. Can you understand that? You’re the heart and soul of me, the part I can’t live without. If something ever happened to you it would kill me, too. Keeping you safe is goddamned self-preservation! Tolerate it for me, if you won’t do it for yourself.”

I surged into him, knocking him off-balance and onto his back. I kissed him hard, my heart pounding and blood roaring in my ears.

“I hate to freak you out,” I murmured between desperate kisses, “but you’ve got it real bad for me.”

Teaser 5 –>

We cleaned up the mess from dinner together. As I reached for the rinsed dish Gideon held out for me to put in the dishwasher, he faked me out. He grabbed my hand instead and deftly set the plate on the counter. Catching me around the waist, he spun us into a dance. From the living room stereo, I caught the strains of something beautiful laced with a woman’s pure, haunting voice.

“Who is this?” I asked, already breathless from the feel of Gideon’s powerful body flexing fluidly against mine. The desire that was always smoldering between us flared, making me feel vibrant and alive in a way that was unique with him. Every nerve ending sensitized, preparing for his touch. Hunger coiled tight with heated anticipation.

“No clue.” He swept me around the island and into the living room.

I surrendered to his consummate lead, loving that dancing was a passion we shared and awed by the obvious joy he felt in just holding me and being with me. That same joy effervesced within me, lightening my steps until it felt like we were gliding. As we approached the stereo, the music rose in volume. I heard the words “dark and dangerous” in the lyrics and stumbled in surprise.

“Too much wine, angel?” Gideon teased, pulling me closer.

But my attention was riveted to the music, and the singer’s pain over a tormented relationship that she likened to being in love with a ghost. My heart ached at the words that so hauntingly reminded me of the days I’d believed I had lost Gideon forever.

I looked up into his face and found him watching me with dark, glittering eyes.

“You looked so happy when you were dancing with your dad,” he said, referring to the night he’d come over for dinner to meet my father. Our relationship had been on rocky ground then and I’d broken up with him the next day.

“I’m happy now,” I assured him, even as my eyes stung at the sight of his yearning, a longing I knew intimately. If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.

Cupping his nape, I pulled his mouth down to mine. As our lips touched, his rhythm faltered. He stopped; hugging me so tightly my feet left the floor.

Unlike the heartbroken singer, I wasn’t in love with a ghost. I was in love with a flesh and blood man, one who made mistakes but learned from them, a man who was trying hard to better himself for me, a man who wanted us to work as desperately as I did.

“I’m never happier than when I’m with you,” I told him.

“Ah, Eva.”

He took my breath away with his kiss.

Teaser 6 –>

I let myself into Eva’s apartment with the key she’d given me. As I turned the lock, my grip tightened on the fob inscribed with my initials—a gift that opened her home to me. I wished the key to her was that tangible.

As it was, I didn’t know if I’d be welcome anymore. Everything had shifted. She knew what I’d never wanted her to know. If anything could drive us apart, it would be the truth of what I’d done.

I had to know if it had. I couldn’t wait. Not knowing was ripping me apart.

My heart pounded as I approached her room. I’d stopped being afraid of anything long ago, but she made me fear. I was knotted up inside, so twisted over her I couldn’t find my way out.

I was breathing hard when I closed Eva’s bedroom door behind me, shutting me into her space with her. Her scent drifted around me, made me hard and desperate, made me all too aware of the hollowness inside me that only she could fill. My feet were weighted to the floor. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak past the tightness closing my throat.

She walked in from the bathroom and my breath caught.

Christ, she was amazing. Her beautiful face was flushed from the heat of a shower, her curvy, irresistibly fuckable body wrapped only in a towel. I swear she glowed, shined with an inner radiance that warmed me like the sun.

My gut clenched when her stormy gaze found mine.

Her cool gray eyes slid over me. I could feel them cut through me like a blade, see into the heart of me. She’d always been able to see me, all of me, and yet she could still look at me like she did, as if she couldn’t get her fill. She could have anyone. For reasons I’d never fully grasp, she chose me.

“It’s dangerous for you to be here,” she said finally, her voice a low, throaty caress.

It took everything I had not to go to her, to pull her to the floor and take her like an animal. Because when I was inside her, she was mine and we were one and I had no fear.

My mouth thinned grimly. “I couldn’t stay away.”

Her eyes darkened, the pulse leaping at her throat. Her chest lifted and fell with her quickened breathing, her nostrils flaring as her body responded to the hard, driving need pulsing off of mine. It had been this way with us from the beginning, both of us unable to fight the potent attraction between us. She was the other half of me, the part worth killing for.

My hands fisted at my sides. “I need you.”

“You don’t have to sound so happy about it,” she teased breathlessly, and I knew she was trying to lure me back from the edge I clung to. She understood me. I didn’t have to pretend with her, didn’t have to hide myself to keep her.

“It’s killing me,” I said gruffly. “Being without you. Missing you. I feel like my fucking sanity depends on you, Eva, and you want me to be happy about that?”

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips and I growled, needing to feel that tongue on my skin. Wanting to stroke my own tongue against it and quench my endless thirst for the taste of her.

She shivered visibly. “Well… I’m happy about it.”

The tension gripping me eased with the realization that she still wanted me. Even after what I’d done.

I watched the memories slide through her, the nightmare she’d lived through for years. It leached the color from her skin and shadowed her eyes. She trembled and I took a deep breath, knowing I’d do it again. And again. As many times as necessary to spare her from ever being afraid.

She must’ve seen it on my face. Her eyes filled with tears and she whispered, “I love you. I love you so much.”

“Angel.” I reached her in three strides, dropping my keys on the floor and shoving both hands into her damp hair. I was shaking with my need for her, my body racked with a cold that came from within.

At the first touch of her lips the terror of losing her finally loosened its claws.

I forced myself to restrain my kiss, savoring her with slow, deep licks. She whimpered, her hands tangling in my sweatshirt. The heat of her passion made me groan, my control fraying with the reassurance that she was as parched for me as I was for her, as frantic and ravenous.

Eva melted into me, her fingers sinking into my hair. I deepened the kiss, eating at her lush mouth, telling her without words that I’d been starving for her. Wasting away without her. A sob escaped her and I pulled her closer.

“Don’t,” I breathed. “It shreds me when you cry.”

“It’s too much.”

I nodded grimly. “What I did—”

“Not that. How I feel about you.”

Jesus. I didn’t deserve her. Never would. But she was mine and I’d treasure her until I took my last breath.

Teaser 7 –>

I weaved my way through writhing bodies, my pulse rate increasing with every step. The music was less loud up here and the air more humid. Sweat glistened on exposed skin and the elevation lent a sense of danger, even though the glass railing surrounding the skywalk was shoulder-high. I was almost to the mirrored section when I was caught around the waist and pulled back into a man’s rolling hips.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw the guy I’d danced with before, the one who’d called me beautiful. I smiled and started dancing, closing my eyes to lose myself in the music. When his hands started to slide over my waist, I caught them, pinning them to my hips with my own. He laughed and dipped his knees, aligning his body with mine.

We were three songs out before I felt the ripple of awareness that told me Gideon was nearby. The electrical charge swept over my skin , heightening every sensation. Abruptly the music was louder, the temperature hotter, the sensuality of the club more arousing.

I smiled and opened my eyes, spotting him arrowing toward me. I was instantly hot for him, my mouth watering as I ate up the sight of him in a dark T-shirt and jeans, his hair pulled back from that breathtaking face. No one seeing him would put him together with Gideon Cross, the international mogul. This guy appeared younger and rougher, distinctive only for his incredible smokin’ hotness. I licked my lips with anticipation, leaning into the guy behind me and rubbing my ass voluptuously into the next roll of his hips.

Gideon’s hands fisted at his sides, his posture aggressive and predatory. He didn’t slow as he neared me, his body on a collision course with mine. Turning, I met him the last step, surging into him. Our bodies crashed together, my arms encircling his shoulders; my hands pulling his head down so I could take his mouth in a wet, hungry kiss.

With a growl, Gideon cupped my ass and yanked me up hard against him, my feet leaving the floor. He bruised my lips with the ferocity of his passion, his tongue filling my mouth with hard, deep plunges that warned me of the violent shades of his lust.

The guy I’d been dancing with came up behind me, his hands in my hair and his lips at my shoulder blade.

Gideon pulled back, his face a gorgeous mask of fury. “Get lost.”

I looked at the guy and gave a shrug. “Thanks for the dance.”

“ Anytime , beautiful.” He caught the hips of a girl walking by and moved away.

“Angel.” With a growl, Gideon pressed me into the mirror, his hard thigh thrust between my legs. “You’re a bad girl.”

Shameless and eager, I rode him, gasping at the feel of denim against my tender sex. “Only for you.”

Teaser 8 –>

She posted this teaser because there were many who didn’t understand what was going on in the prior teaser so here is a little about what happened right before…

Laughing, I went to the bar and waited for an opening to ask for Pellegrino and the phone. I dialed Gideon’s cell number, since it was the one I had memorized. I figured it was safe since I was calling from a public place he owned.

“ Cross ,” he answered briskly.

“Hi, ace.” I leaned into the bar and covered my other ear with my hand. “I’m drunk dialing you.”

“I can tell.” His voice changed for me, slowed and grew warm. It captivated me even over the music . “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes, but I miss you. Did you take your vitamins?”

He had a smile in his voice when he asked, “Are you horny, angel?”

“It’s your fault! This club is like Viagra. I’m hot and sweaty and dripping in pheromones. And I’ve been a bad girl, you know. Dancing like I’m single.”

“Bad girls get punished.”

“Maybe I should be really bad then. Make the punishment worth it.”

He growled. “Come home and be bad with me.”

The thought of him at home, ready for me, made me even more eager for him. “I’m stuck here ‘til the girls are done, which looks to be a while.”

“I can come to you. Within twenty minutes, you could have my cock inside you. Do you want that?”

I glanced around the club, my entire body vibrating with the hard driving music. Imagining him here, fucking me in this no-holds-barred place, made me squirm with anticipation. “Yes. I want that.”

“Do you see the skywalk?”

Turning around, I looked up and saw the suspended walkway hugging the walls. Dancers dry fucked to the music from twenty feet above the dance floor. “Yes.”

“There’s a section where it wraps around a mirrored corner. I’ll meet you there. Be ready, Eva,” he ordered. “I want your cunt naked and wet when I find you.”

I shivered at the familiar command, knowing it meant he’d be rough and impatient. Just what I wanted. “I’m wearing a—”

“Angel, a crowd of millions couldn’t hide you from me. I found you once. I’ll always find you.”

Teaser 9 –>

“Start here.” I offered Gideon my lips and he took them, sealing his mouth softly over mine. His tongue traced the seam, then dipped inside me, licking and teasing.

I burrowed into his body, moaning when he shifted to lie half over me. My hands slid up and down his back, my leg lifting to hook over his hip. I caught his lower lip between my teeth and stroked the curve with the tip of my tongue.

His groan was so erotic it made me wet.

My back arched as his hand crept beneath the hem of my T-shirt and captured my bare breast, rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“You’re so soft,” he murmured. He kissed his way to my temple, and then buried his face in my hair. “I love touching you.”

“You’re perfect.” I pushed beneath his waistband to grip his bare buttocks. The scent and heat of his skinintoxicated me, made me feel drunk with lust and longing. “A dream.”

“You’re my dream. Christ, you’re so beautiful.” His mouth covered mine and I fisted a hand in his hair, clutching him to me with my arms and legs wrapped around him.

My world narrowed to just him. The feel of him. The sounds he made.

“I love how much you want me,” he said hoarsely. “I couldn’t stand being in this alone.”

“I’m with you, baby,” I promised, my mouth moving feverishly beneath his. “I am so with you.”


Have some sad news for those who are Crossfire fans and were looking forward to getting the next Gideon and Eva fix in December. Well I had seen posted on Facebook by other blogs that the date has been changed and not moved up changed but pushed back changed.

I am so sad I was looking forward to not having to wait so long but then again with most series you have to wait a year for the next book.

It has not been confirmed by Sylvia Day just yet but on both Goodreads as well as Amazon they have changed the dates of release to May 2013. 😦

Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

The Crossfire series follows the emotional and romantic journey taken by Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell.

What a journey so far.. oh I love me some Gideon Cross!

1) Bared to You

2) Reflected in You

3) Entwined with You

4) Captivated by You (TBA)

5) Untitled (TBA)

You can follow her here on her:

Website    ~    Facebook    ~    Twitter    ~    Goodreads

My Thoughts on:

Reflected in You

Review – Reflected in You by Sylvia Day


Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I couldn’t stay away. I didn’t want to. He was my addiction… my every desire… mine.

My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We’d never work. It was too hard, too painful… except when it was perfect. Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession…

My Thoughts:

I had been waiting and waiting for this book! I LOVE me some Gideon! This book was a bit more intense than I was expecting. I was able to get answers as to why things were the way they were in the first book.  I had went to Sylvia’s facebook page and found out that she has a  Forum for the book and she answers some questions that people have. Along with reading what everyone’s thoughts on the book are as well as their opinions as to why things happened the way they did. (some of them are really good too!)

There are some answers to the questions I had from the first book  in this one which made me HAPPY!! I am still going to be excitedly waiting for the next one that is supposed to come out in December May 2013! The waiting like always will suck!  Then I went to Sylvia Day’s website I saw that she had answered a question I was wondering myself. I had heard that there was originally going to be just three books but then I saw this I got so excited! I HOPE there will be a fourth…

How many books will be in the series?
Three. Well… as I’m still writing Entwined with You I can’t say for sure. Crossfire is supposed to be a trilogy and if everything works out, it still will be. But Gideon has a lot to work through, and after all he and Eva have endured to reach their happy ending I don’t want to rush it. So if it’s best, I’ll write a fourth installment. But I won’t unnecessarily drag the story out beyond its natural end.

I am just so happy that we only have to wait at most *hopefully* 3 months for the next Gideon fix!! like Eva says in the book…

“I have a Gideon fetish”

I just can’t get him out of my head… something about him… *swoon*

And you can’t beat the fact that you get Gideon plus there is some Rock Star action added in also…. this is a woman after my own heart!!!! and Cary says it best… *my thoughts exactly*

“The determined rock star and the possessive billionaire. Rawr.”

There are many moments though that I did want to kill Mr. Cross myself and my heart hurt. I was not understanding things that were going on, I felt at times that I must be feeling what Eva was because I was so lost, confused, hurt, pissed off, angry, but then deep down I still loved Gideon. (look at me, if anyone who isn’t a book lover read this they wouldn’t understand,  they would think I needed mental help). Gideon is so possessive and so addicted (I guess that would be the best word) to Eva, she had just asked for a few days to spend with her best friend but he was having a hard time with it. Per his words…

“I’d kill for you,” he whispered, “Give up everything I own for you… but I wont give you up. Two days is my limit. Don’t ask for more than that; I can’t give it to you”

I enjoyed this book and of course I wanted more I feel like I never get enough I get to the ending and then want yell NOOOO I need more! We got to get a little more of Eva’s mom in this one we also got to meet her dad and not just through phone calls. He was described and man he was hot! 🙂 I kind of hope that her mom and dad get together eventually! but that’s just me. (I’m sure others do too)

“He was dressed in running shorts and athletic shoes, his sweat-soaked shirt tossed carelessly over his shoulder. Still breathing a little quickly and glistening with sweat over tanned skin and rippling muscles, Victor Reyes was one hot hunk of a man.”

and ohhh how I would have to agree. I wish Sylvia had pictures that she used as inspiration.. that would be AWESOME! haha

All I know is I can not wait to see where Entwined with You takes us. Usually I have an idea how things work out but right now I am not completely sure what is going to happen along the way to the HEA for Gideon and Eva.

Although I loved the book because I was able to get a Gideon fix there were somethings that were not so good for me.. yes there was a lot that went on and I know that authors write a specific way because in the long run it will make sense but I was a little upset over the connection between him and Eva. I know there was a reason for it in this book but it drove me crazy because the connection was just so strained, I know that kind of killed it for some people. I also felt like the sex scenes were HOT by all means but VERY unrealistic. I mean I get that it is fiction and maybe some men can get multiple orgasms but I was under the impression after a man comes he is down for a while (haha down).  He doesn’t come then go right on having more sex with in a few seconds of it happening. That for some reason bothered me haha.

But all in all I liked the first book better but this one was good too and leaves me wondering where she is going to be taking their story.


Another snippet from REFLECTED IN YOU:
Gideon draped his arm along the back of my chair and toyed with the hair at my nape.
His other hand lifted a glass of red wine to his mouth and when he licked his lips, I knew he was thinking about tasting me instead. His desire was charging the air between us. I had been falling under its spell all through dinner. Reaching beneath the tablecloth, I cupped him through his jeans and squeezed. He went from semi-hard to stone instantly, but gave no other outward indication of his arousal. …
I couldn’t help but see that as a challenge.
I began to stroke the rigid length of him with my fingers, careful to keep my movements slow and easy to prevent detection. To my delight, Gideon continued his conversation without a hitch in his voice or change of expression. His control excited me, made me bolder. I reached for his button-fly, turned on by the thought of releasing him and stroking him skin on skin. Gideon took another leisurely sip, then set his wine glass down.
“Only you, Arnoldo,” he said dryly in response to something his friend had said. My wrist was caught just as I tugged at the top button of his jeans. He lifted my hand to his lips, the gesture appearing to be an absentminded show of affection. The quick nip of his teeth into the pad of my finger caught me by surprise and made me gasp. Arnoldo smiled, it was the knowing and slightly mocking smile one bachelor gave to another who’d been caught by a woman. He said something in Italian. Gideon replied, his pronunciation sounding fluid and sexy, his tone wry. Arnoldo threw his dark head back and laughed. I squirmed in my seat. I loved seeing Gideon like this, relaxed and enjoying himself.


Mrs. Sylvia Day posted a Snippet and YES like all the others it is enough to get you excited but not enough to satisfy. Is it October yet??!!!
Snippet time! And it’s a *snippet* of REFLECTED IN YOU so it’s short and a tease so look away if it’ll drive you crazy. 🙂
(also, may be changed or deleted – you never know until the final book is out):
Angus dropped me off at the curb in front of the Crossfire and I hurried out of the heat into the cool lobby. I managed to catch an open elevator just before the doors closed. There were a half-dozen other people in the car with me, forming two groups that chatted among themselves. I stood in the front corner and tried to put my personal life out of my mind. I couldn’t deal with it at work.
“Hey, we passed our floor,” the girl next to me said. I looked at the needle over the door.
“The buttons aren’t working,” said the guy nearest the control panel. He stabbed repeatedly at all the numbers, but none of them lit up… except for the one for the top floor. My pulse quickened.
“Use the emergency phone,” one of the other girls said. The car raced up and the butterflies in my stomach got worse with every floor we passed. The elevator finally came to a gliding stop at the top and the doors opened. Gideon stood on the threshold, his face a gorgeous impassive mask. His eyes were brilliantly blue… and cold as ice. The sight of him took my breath away. No one in the car said a word. I didn’t move, praying the doors would hurry up and close. Gideon reached in, grabbed my elbow, and hauled me out…

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day Chapter One!!


She has posted online the first chapter of the book!!!!!!!! Sooooo exciting and something to hold you over until October!!!!!

To read Chapter one go HERE