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Review – Sheltered by Charlotte Stein


Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father’s thumb. He controls everything. Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does. But when she meets Van—a punk who shows her how different life could be—she realizes how much she’s been missing.

Van offers her excitement, protection, love…and most of all, sex—even if he’s at first reluctant to give her all the things she’s been craving. She wants to explore this new world of arousal and desire, but Van is only too aware of how fragile she is, how innocent…

And how much is at stake, when their love is forbidden.



I did enjoy this story. I know that there are girls that are out there that have to live in the shelter of their overbearing and overprotective fathers and I am sure some are also abusive.

It is a shorter read and I have a love/hate relationship with short reads. I can get through them faster yes but I am usually left wanting more needing to know more.

I always love reading about a bad boy who is broken and finds solece in the herorin in the book. But with this one they are both so broken and lost. You get to watch them both grow to care about one another.

Evie is living at home and stuck at 16 when I was reading I had forgotten that she was older then what she actually was. She lives in fear of her father, she has never known love, or anything really to do with the outside world that other kids her age have and do. It is almost like she is stuck in the 40’s with the way that the house is being run. She is legally an adult but still lived in fear of her father taking a belt to her and there are a few times that she is with Van where she is positive if her father knew he would be burying her in the backyard.

Your heart goes out to her and you just want her to run away far away from that crazy household and that crazy man she calls her father. There is a reason she stays and does not go anywhere. It is important for her to stay. She wants more for herself and Van helps her to see that she deserves more and the first time she smokes with him.. WOW that is all I can say it was very erotic without being erotic (if that makes sense haha)! I loved everything about that scene that is for sure!

There are some things that she just was told or heard that were just NOT true, but I will admit had me giggling from time to time.

“There were times, many, many times, when she just didn’t get him. She’d heard on numerous occasions that men were bad, wicked creatures, who’d do terrible things at a moment’s notice. You wore the wrong skirt or bent over at an inopportune time and BAM. They slipped their penises into you.”

All in all it was a good story and I enjoyed it, the only downfall it was too short I wanted more. And well the cover… so yeah for the most part I like the cover I didn’t like the guys hair on the cover though haha but that’s just me.


This is a quick read and cute story.  A woman wants to have an experiance with someone who knows what they are doing so she finds herself at the door of a known prostitue/model. She learns about him and the relationship starts to get deeper then she had planned…

“Caroly Evardt never expected to find herself patronizing a male prostitute. Then again, she never expected to be weeks from her thirtieth birthday and still a virgin.
When a friend mentions that a gorgeous male model in Paris sells his body as well as his image, Caroly’s intrigued. Finally, a chance to sample the gifts of a beautiful man—no strings, no stakes, no fear of rejection.”

1) Curio

2) Coercion

3) Craving

4) Reversal

5) Confession

6) Exposure

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Review – Untouchable by Lindsay Delagair


Picking a boyfriend can be murder, but for Annalisa Winslett, it might end up being the literal death of her.

No one at Pensacola High School suspects the girl they know as Annalisa McKinnis to be a wealthy heiress in hiding, but things begin to unravel when two new guys enroll. Both guys are gorgeous, and both are trying to win her over. The only problem is that one of them has a million dollar contract to put a bullet in her.

This book is the beginning of a wild ride in a trilogy that will make you wonder if the power of love can truly conquer all.

When her pure and innocent heart is offered to him, will this cold and empty hitman fall, or will he remain untouchable?

This book was a GOOD story it had me anticipating what was to come I loved it and couldn’t put it down I thought I knew what to expect then a twist or turn would throw me and I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen. I just loved Leese’s outlook on life that her momma had instilled in her.

“Life, is a daily experience. God gives us a fresh chance every morning to discover what’s out there. I hope when you grow old, God willing, you’ll look back and say, thanks for the memories, instead of saying wait, let me go back. I was just getting by. Let me go back and re-do it. This is a one-shot deal.”

Then when we meet the two boys you cant help but like both of them for her. You know what one is about and the other just getting to know. I know for me I was so torn I clearly have my favorite choice for her but it may not be the same as some others. But then at the same time I want her to be with the other guy. It is so hard for me to choose which one I truly want her to end up with.

Then things take a big turn.

“Maybe the old saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer came about because your enemies could sometimes be more interesting.”

I havent been drawn in like this in a while and every and I mean EVERY spare minute I had I was reading. Between cooking food and setting up the table for dinner, or when my husband is driving I would pull out my ipad and read. I couldnt get through it fast enough.

Review – Curio by Cara McKenna


Caroly Evardt never expected to find herself patronizing a male prostitute. Then again, she never expected to be weeks from her thirtieth birthday and still a virgin.

When a friend mentions that a gorgeous male model in Paris sells his body as well as his image, Caroly’s intrigued. Finally, a chance to sample the gifts of a beautiful man—no strings, no stakes, no fear of rejection.

But she soon discovers that Didier Pedra amounts to more than a striking face and talented body. He’s a kind, charming, damaged man, and after a few evenings of pleasurable education, Caroly’s interest blossoms into something far deeper than mere lust. Her simple arrangement is suddenly feeling downright dangerous . . .


This one I had put off reading only because I LOVED The Willing Victim by her as well and I was afraid I wasn’t going to love this one but it was good! I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I had read another book that has a female who pays for sex and company. I did enjoy hearing them go back and forth and how he was with her. I thought for sure he would always put on the persona of the “escort” and just always tell her what she wants to hear but when he had opened up to her and told her things that he normally wouldn’t tell people I knew that he was starting to care about her just like she was him. There was so much that could have happened that didn’t because it was like there wasn’t enough time to get into it. And I was so sad when it ended I wasn’t ready to just not know anymore. But then I found out she is doing more books about Caroly and Didier in the Curio Series. So I am excited!!